Have you found that your home has huge, old style, single pane windows?  Or maybe those windows do have double panes, but they rattle.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, it just may be time for you to consider replacing them.  The old style windows that you have in your home usually fall into one of two categories.

Old Windows:  First Category 

They may be paper thin with gaps around the window, located within the caulk that has cracked and shrunk. This means that they are allowing your heat that should be inside your home, to quietly and quickly escape - not to mention letting that cold winter wind inside your home.

Old Windows:  Second Category 

If the windows have two panes and you find that moisture sits in between the two panes, that's a problem. This can make it look foggy outside when in fact the sun is shining.  If this is the case with your double pane windows, it means that the seals on your windows have broken down. They are allowing heat to escape without you realizing it.

In whichever case, you really should consider replacing your old windows with some new replacement windows.

The technology that is used in window manufacturing today is putting the old ways of window manufacturing to shame.  There are numerous options in replacement windows for you to choose from.

We offer Low-E (low emissivity) double pane glass in windows that we sell. This highly effective material blocks out 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This protects your home furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.  Many windows are also available filled with argon gas between the glass panes in order to reduce heat transfer. This will ultimately save you money in the heating and cooling.

Another option available is an energy-saving spacer system that adds a strong thermal barrier around the window. This will enhance the energy saving efficiency within your home.

Make sure to know what to look for in your new energy efficient MN replacement windows - talk to our replacement window experts.  No matter what it is that you’re searching for in new replacement windows, we have options that will fit your needs and wants perfectly. New replacement windows will pay for themselves in the long run. Keep the heat inside your home, instead of heating the outside.

Speak with us here at Quarve for the replacement windows you’re in need of. We can help you achieve the look and feel you want for a more comfortable home.

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