In a recent post we covered a number of siding options available on the market today. At Quarve we believe that James Hardie siding could be a great choice for protecting your MN home. 03mar10a1a16Developed over a century ago specifically to withstand the wear and tear of harsh climates, Hardie’s fiber cement siding is incredibly strong and designed to last the lifetime of your home. With outstanding warranties behind it, you will likely never need to worry about the exterior of your home again.

Hardie siding is very moldable and can be found in varying styles, the most common being wood grain, stucco, or smooth. Quarve Contracting offers top quality fiber cement siding in numerous designs, and our MN licensed siding contractors are experts at installing it properly.

In our opinion, James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the best, strongest, and most beautiful siding solution available.

HardiePlank® Siding - The Beauty of Wood Without the Drawbacks

Love the look of wood siding, but not the water damage and other troubles that usually accompany it? Don’t despair – The James Hardie Company has designed a cement fiberboard bearing an impressive resemblance to real wood but impervious to rot, mildew and insects. With HardiePlank® siding you can now have the beautiful wood appearance you’ve always wanted on your home, with the peace of mind that it will retain its original value for decades to come.

Why Hardie Siding is the Best for You

The benefits of Hardie siding are profuse.
  • One is fire prevention.  While no homeowner can eliminate the possibility of fires, installing a non-combustible siding is a good preventative measure. 
  • Another is resistance to severe weather. It is perfect for hurricane and tornado prone areas because of its ability to stand up to hail and wind-blown debris. 
  • Fiber cement siding has the durability to combat cracking, insect invasions and water damage.  
  • Finally, James Hardie is recognized by both the media and the construction industry for helping to create better homes.
With all these advantages, doesn't new James Hardie siding sound like a great investment for your home?  When you're ready to go ahead with your plans, contact Quarve Contracting, a licensed MN siding installation contractor, for a free estimate. We'll be there to see your project through to completion.