One of the biggest investments homeowners make in their home is when they update their roofs.

A metal roof is one of the smartest ways to invest that money, and here’s why.
  • Looks While it is possible to install a metal roof in long, vertical panels, today there are a huge number of styles available. In fact, the profiles, colors and patterns now available in metal roofs outnumber the ones available in any other material.
  • Long Lifetime Have you ever looked at the Washington Monument? What about many European cathedrals or castles? When you see these historic and ancient buildings, observe the roofs, because they’re made out of metal. Their low maintenance and longevity make them a great choice for your home, too.
  • Flexibility Metal roofing is lightweight, and its natural versatility makes it one of the most flexible roofing materials available. They can be installed over existing roofs easily, making the entire process simpler.
  • Safety There’s nothing that can make a home completely invincible to fire, but since metal doesn’t burn, it can give occupants valuable time to escape if a home is at risk of burning.
  • They’re also strongly wind resistance, which makes them for areas prone to severe weather, like Minnesota. They’re less likely to be damaged in violent spring storms than asphalt shingles, and can withstand the brutal winter cold more easily.
  • Greenest Option Recycling is great, but the cycle must be closed by using resulting materials in new merchandise. Metal roofs do just that. Each one is made with a percentage of recycled metal. When replacement time comes, they can just be recycled again.
  • When they’re in use, they also reduce heat in the attic dramatically by reflecting sunlight and helping improve attic insulation. That’s why so many of them are Energy Star certified.
2016-03-10_1336 This stately brick home was updated with a beautiful a new roof - KasselWood steel shingles (photo credit - Kassel & Irons) If you’re looking to take advantage of all of these great features, give us a call. We’re a certified MN roofing company here to help you make the best choice for your roofing needs.  We specialize in metal roofing.