One of the most important parts of shopping for a new roof is its price point.

If you’re shopping on the low end of the price-scale, springing for a less expensive metal roof is a smarter move than buying an even cheaper shingle roof.

Cheaper Shingles Equal Frequent Replacement

Since inexpensive shingles are made from lower quality materials, they won’t last very long, especially in places like Minnesota, where the weather is so severe. Once the asphalt’s elasticity and adhesion fade, there’s no way to repair them. At that point, they head off to a landfill.

Metal roofs will last much longer, even the cheap ones. Usually, they can be painted when the sheen fades away, and any failing fasteners can be replaced. With proper, minimal maintenance, a metal roof will be useful for far longer than an asphalt roof.


When your inexpensive metal roof does need to be replaced, if it needs to be torn off it can be recycled instead of thrown away. This is great, because it will be used to create something new to be used elsewhere instead of taking up space in a landfill, pollute soil or cause as much long term damage to the Earth.

Asphalt roofing, however, will just go to a landfill to rot away. You’ll be out the money spent to install it in the first place and the planet will be given more extra trash to decompose. If you replace your old asphalt roof with another cheap shingle roof, there will also be more waste associated with the shingle production and installation.

Although a cheap metal roof may cost a little more than a cheap asphalt shingle roof, buying one will still save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. It will also save the planet from a little extra stress.

As a Minneapolis roof contractor specializing in metal roofing, we can help you find the right fit for your home and budget.