How is your home’s siding standing up to the weather we’ve experienced this past winter? Is it wearing out, looking faded, or starting to deteriorate?

Then perhaps it's time to think about getting it replaced.

Believe it or not, installing new siding on your home may be one of the most effective improvements you can make.  Increased curb appeal and improved insulation against the elements are just a couple of the many advantages of this investment.

Making the decision to replace your siding can be a big one.  And we at Quarve believe that you should know your options before committing to any large remodel.  Below we have listed 3 factors to keep in mind in order to achieve the best results for your particular home.

  1. Style – Be sure to consider the style and individuality of your home when choosing new siding. Do you live in a more rustic home, such as a farmhouse, or in one of the historic homes in your city?  If so, wood siding or clapboard may be a good choice for you.  Or does your home have a newer, more contemporary feel?  Your best option may be vinyl or fiber cement.  
  2. Location – The location of your home can have a major impact on the siding you choose. Fiber cement is a great option for those of us living in the Minneapolis area as it is extremely durable and almost maintenance free.  Vinyl is also known for its weather resistance, making it a good choice for any climate. Metal siding, however, can be damaged by severe weather, and wood has a tendency to deteriorate in coastal regions.        
  3. Budget – Let’s get right down to it: how much is this siding replacement going to cost? As any MN siding contractor will tell you, it varies greatly based on the size of your home and the materials you choose. Metal siding is one of the less expensive options, starting around $2 per square foot, while some styles of fiber cement can be as much as $12. On the average 2500 square foot home your bill could run anywhere from $9,000 to $30,000 including materials and installation. 
Having a siding replacement done on your home may take a bite out of your wallet, but it will pay off in the long run.  Returns on this important investment can run up to 85% on most homes, making it a significant way to increase your home’s resale value.

At Quarve we install seamless steel siding, vinyl siding, and James Hardie fiber cement siding. So check out our Pinterest board for a peek at the many styles we have to offer. Then give our siding professionals a call for a free estimate. We’ll work within your budget to make your dream become a reality.

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