All paint on the exterior of homes or other buildings will need to be re-painted because it chips and peels with time. (An exception is stucco; the color is actually part of the final coat and isn't painted on.  This finish coat or dash deteriorates due to oxidation powdering when it ages.)

As a homeowner, you probably don't expect your paint job to last forever, but you should expect to get your money's worth and have it hold up for several years.  Then why is your paint peeling with just a year or so of it being done?

Here are some reasons why that may happen to the exterior of your home.

  • Inadequate Prep of the Surface:  For the paint to stick sufficiently when it is placed on the exterior of a home, the surface has to be prepped properly. This means a thorough cleaning, as well as removing any old loose or peeling paint from the outside of the home. Caulking should also be done during this time to ensure that water does not seep under the siding. If this is not done prior to the painting, it can lead to premature peeling.
  • Cheap Paint: Cheap paint that has a very low quality rating is going to chip and peel prematurely due to its makeup. When you paint the outside of the home, ensure that the paint you’re using is of the highest quality and that it is meant for painting outside. Paint that is not recommended for outside weather conditions will not fair well against the elements.  If you're hiring a painting contractor to do the job, make sure that quality exterior paint is specified.
  • Moisture Build-Up: Moisture that has built up around the cracks and siding seams can cause problems with the paint job. If the surface of the home is wet when it is painted, then this also can prevent proper paint adherence.
  • Location of the Home: South and west facing sides of the home will take a beating much more easily than other sides. If you notice that these are the only areas being damaged, it could just be due to normal weather wear and tear as well as the sun’s hot rays.
  • Storm Damage:  At times weather such as hail storms or high wind storms that literally sandblast your home's exterior can also cause problems with the paint finish.  It's a good idea to check over the outside of your home after a severe storm to make sure this hasn't happened.  If it has, you may be able to submit an insurance claim to have the paint redone.
Exterior paint jobs don't last forever, but there is an alternative.  If your paint is peeling, perhaps it’s time to consider maintenance-free seamless steel siding or quality vinyl siding. With all of the benefits prefinished siding is able to provide the homeowner with, it can save additional money throughout the years, while keeping your home safe and sound.

Speak with us here at Quarve to find out how we can install prefinished seamless steel siding to the sides of your home. You’re able to make the most out of the home that you have, when you’re protecting the outside of it.