Have the spring rains been making their way into your home?  That probably means you've got a roof leak. 

Leaking roofs tend to be a common occurrence that happens, and when the roof is leaking due to old age than perhaps it is time for a new roof. However, something has to happen in order for the roof to leak. Something, an event, has had to make the roof obtain a hole, have missing shingles or anything else that could be causing the leak to happen. Perhaps the leak has slowly been trickling in for some time, and now it is more apparent.

04apr27a1a16Also, it is important to note that a roof with multiple points of flashing is more likely to leak than one that does not. Areas where where there is a chimney, sky light or plumbing vents are prone to leak more than other places on the roof.  However, there are other reasons your roof could be leaking. The Top 10 Causes of Roof Leaks 
  1. Backed up gutters
  2. Impact from a falling tree, limb or branches
  3. Deteriorating roofing materials
  4. Overhanging tree branches scraping your roof
  5. Incorrect installation of the roofing materials
  6. Missing shingles
  7. Temporary repairs than never were completely fixed
  8. Bolted through satellite dish
  9. Low sloped roof used as a deck
  10. Improperly installed or missing flashing
There are numerous problems that can occur when it comes to having leaks in the roof.  This is not a repair that should be put off.  Have it fixed sooner rather than later. A leaking roof often can be an  inexpensive fix,  but if it's left for too long, it could lead to damage that may result in expensive repairs in the near future. Spring rains here in the Minneapolis area oftentimes bring roof leaks, so make sure to have a licensed professional roofing company you can trust to stop those leaks. Call us to find out how we can repair your roof and get you back on track. Of course, don’t forget to have that inspection of the roof done before more wet weather comes along.