Have you ever considered what your home looks like to those who drive by? This is called 'curb appeal' by real estate professionals, and part of what goes into making a home look attractive are the color schemes on the exterior.

When it comes to the outside of the home, you have to consider the many color siding options that you have to go with. Perhaps you want to change out the way your home looks,  while making it more inviting and welcoming to all of your guests. In addition to this, choosing the right color scheme can also boost the curb appeal. And of course, since it's your home you want something you can feel proud of.

Here are some considerations for choosing the best color siding to place on your home and really make it stand out in your neighborhood.

Tips for Choosing the Best Siding Colors 

One of the biggest considerations goes into a home's exterior colors affects those who live within housing communities that are controlled by homeowner associations or other regulatory entities. Generally, they must approve the colors you’re able to have on your home.  Obviously they want to keep the homes throughout the neighborhood somewhat uniform  but still allow the homeowner to have their own personal touches. Having your siding color choice deemed okay ahead of time through the appropriate person is the only way to go.

Don’t skip out on what it is that you enjoy when it comes to colors, even if your choices are limited by association rules.  Chances are there is a color that will please you and the board. And if you're fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood with no restrictions, go for it - you can chose vibrant or muted colors, depending on your personal taste.  Siding color options have come a long way, and through the use of the right siding, you might hundreds of colors and combinations to choose from. You should consider every color that appeals to you and then narrow it down.

Think about the surrounding homes in the area and what you like about them. Do you want to be somewhat uniform and fit in, or do you want to completely stand out within the neighborhood? You want to also consider your landscape and the colors of the foliage and flowers in the area. When you have colors that mesh well with what surrounds your home, you can stand back and appreciate the color scheme that you were able to put together.

As you're considering your color options, enjoy some more exterior decorating and color schemes 101.

When you’re ready to make a change to the look and color of the outside of your home, speak with us here at Quarve. Not only can we provide several high quality siding solutions to choose from, but each brand comes with color options to make your home stand out. We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement company serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area with services such as siding installation.