General contractors speak about the mistakes that so many homeowners make that can, not only be costly and time consuming for them, but also for the contractors involved. Try to stay away from these mistakes when the time comes, since you want to protect yourself at all costs and through the use of knowledge, you can do so with ease.

Don’t Change Your Mind Once Work Has Begun

Always have a clear idea of what you want, a plan and a design. When you change your mind once the work has begun, this can, not only be the most costly mistake you can make but also time consuming. The contractors can become frustrated with having to change the entire plan and even order new supplies for the new plan. Skip this and be sure of the remodel.

Don’t Forget the Pre-Inspection 

Coming across surprises is never a good thing. You want to be aware of what they might find during the remodeling project. In order to know though, you have to have a pre-inspection of the area done. This is especially true for areas where mold and other growth might develop, such as under siding and around window openings. By having this done, you’re saving costly amounts that might need to be shelled out to fix the problem once the project has started.

Always Hire an Insured, Bonded and Licensed Contractor 

When you hire a contractor that is not licensed, bonded or insured, you're asking for trouble.  You may not be covered for any damages that might happen along the way. It's especially important if the work is related to an insurance claim for storm damage repair.  The same is true for working with a contractor that does not want to provide a contract. You want to work with someone that provides protection for both themselves, and for you. Your homeowner's insurance probably will not cover damages related to anything that was done by a non-licensed, non-insured contractor.

Here are additional exterior remodeling mistakes you can also avoid in the renovation process.

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