How much time do you, as a homeowner, spend thinking about your front door? We would venture to guess that it's not very much.

Most likely, you come home in the evening, walk through the door, and continue on with the rest of your day. Maybe you don't even use the front door because you come in straight through the garage, so you front door doesn't even catch your attention.  But that doesn't mean that neighbors and other passers-by don't think about it. True, most people won't pay attention to a door if it's just another front door, yet few things make as big a statement about the quality of your home as a custom entry door.

cca-beautyshotYou could just buy a stock model at one of those big box stores, but since we've got a lot of reasons why you might want to reconsider and have a custom entry door installed by an experienced door company, we'd like you to consider having a custom door installed by a Minnesota home remodeling company like ours.  First first of all, a custom door is generally of higher quality.  Next, professional installation gives a much better result. There are several other ways in which a distinctive front door can bring new life to your Minneapolis area home. The first and probably most obvious is increased home value; a new custom door will retain nearly 100% of its original value. It's one of the top cost-to-value projects real estate professionals recommend.  Here are a few other ways that a custom entry door could benefit your home.

Reasons to Choose a Custom Entry Door

Be Energy Efficient

Did you know that non-energy-efficient exterior doors are the top heat wasters? An estimated 15% of heat in a home escapes through old drafty doors. With ever-improving technology however, new doors are being designed to more efficiently insulate your home's interior. At Quarve Contractors, we recommend the installation of fiberglass or steels doors from reputable manufacturers such as Therma Tru and Mastercraft. Many of the doors from these companies are EnergyStar rated.

Be Unique

Invest in a custom door for your home and get the flexibility to make your dream designs become reality. Wouldn't you love to swing open beautiful double doors to welcome in your guests? Or maybe a unique window design on an arched doorway fits your taste. Whatever your preferences, you can give your home a stylish appearance with a distinctive entry door.

When you get your exterior doors replaced by Quarve Contractors, you're not just getting another door, you're getting a forever door - one that will last a lifetime or longer. As a licensed exterior remodeling company, we've been serving homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area for over 30 years. We're here to assist you with all your home renovation projects.