If the storm that just blew through the Minneapolis area in earlier in July brought along hail to your neighborhood, then your roof probably suffered quite a blow because of it.  And if you aren't careful, your wallet might also get hit as a result.

As often happens following major storms, you may have someone show up at your door offering to fix the roof on your home.  These guys are commonly called 'storm chasers,' because they start cruising the neighborhoods offering their services shortly after the clouds roll away.

Storm damage repair is an important service, but you can't hire just anybody.  Here are some considerations to keep in mind before going with someone that is just walking around.

Hiring Local Roofing Professionals

While these people might say they’re professionals, in all reality, they’re probably not. They are just someone with a bit of knowledge on how to knock out some shingles on a roof. A real roofing professional is not going to go door to door asking if you need to have some help with your roof. Not only that, but a lot of these storm chasers will not have proof of anything when they come calling. Only professionals in the area, that are actual roofing professionals, are going to have documents such as a building contractor's license and proof of insurance.  A reputable roofing company will be happy to show these documents when you ask.

Additionally, if there are issues with your roof then you’re going to want to find out if your homeowner's insurance is going to cover the damages. They are not going to pay for someone that is not a professional to come in and cover the work. They will only go with qualified professionals. This is why it is extremely important to hire the right ones for the job.

These shady characters might also just want the money. They are not going to work on a contract basis and might not even have the necessary tools for the job. They will ask for most of the money up front and then not come back, keeping the cash you gave them. The Better Business Bureau and other agencies have issued warnings about these types of scams that seem to come around after every major storm.

Hail is always going to happen, but being prepared for it is key.

Don’t trust in these people that call themselves professionals. Only work with contractors that you call in your area. Call us here at Quarve if you need a bit of help putting the exterior of your home back in order. We can provide quality hail and other storm damage repair for your roof and other exteriors of your home.  We're licensed in Minnesota and are reputable exterior home improvement contractors for the Minneapolis area.