(Editor's note:  This is the second post in our series on hail damage to roofs, prompted by the severe storms the Twin Cities and other parts of Minnesota got in early July.  If you haven't read the first post, click here.)

We’ve talked about those knockers that come to your door after a heavy storm, so you know to beware of them, but what about switching the roofing material on your home entirely? How can you safeguard yourself and the belongings in your home with the right and best roof for the job? This is something that you’re able to get from a metal roof. Not only are they high quality, but they are also one of the extremely durable choices currently on the market for homeowners.

Insurance and Adding a Metal Roof to Your Home

If you’re going to be adding the metal roof onto your home then you should know that this is one of the most resistant materials currently on the market against hail damage. This means a lot of insurance companies might give you a waiver for the roofing materials, but you do not want to sign it. You want to ensure that you’re covered if the hail or other storms that come through do damage. Even though it is durable and strong, it is not invincible.

Insurance agents are going to try to sell you this discount on the insurance premium because they know just how expensive it is going to be to replace the roof if it ever needs to be. So many people fall for the discount that when something happens to their roof, they’re actually not covered for a new one or repairs that need to be done. This is a big problem.

Metal roofing is durable, long lasting and can provide the protection you need but you also need to make sure it comes with a warranty, that you do not sign the waiver from your insurance and that the extra hail damage coverage is added onto it. When the next Minnesota storm comes rolling in, you want to make sure that you’re as prepared as you can possibly be.

Here are even more benefits to getting metal roofing placed on your home. If you’re considering the switch to metal roofing, then speak with us here at Quarve.  We can provide you with the necessary coverage when it is needed without having to worry about a thing. We can completely put a new metal roof on your home, cover the inside and protect everything else that comes with it. Are you ready to make the change?  We install metal roofing throughout the Minneapolis metro area, including the zip codes of 55435 and 55439 (Bloomington/Edina).