Many homeowners around the Twin Cities - especially those in North Minneapolis, Roseville, and Arden Hills, have found themselves in need of storm damage repair after the storms a couple weeks ago.

Beware of Those Who Chase Storms

When a strong storm blows through the Minneapolis area like it did earlier this month, individuals known as storm chasers come rolling in behind it. While they are not so much chasing the storm, they prey upon those who need roof, siding, or other exterior damage repairs done. They go through whole neighborhoods and offer their services, for affordable, extremely affordable, prices. 07jul22a1a16They talk good, so many homeowners might fall into the of trap of thinking they know what they’re doing.  However, the reality is they can make matters worse or might just take your money without actually doing the job.

The Difference Between a Professional Contractor and a Storm Chaser

Do you hire a professional storm damage repair contractor?  Or do you settle for the deal these door-knockers offer?  First off, if they are not licensed, your insurance may not cover it.  Also, they might just take your money and not do the job or have the materials needed to get it done.

When you trust with a reputable, professional company that is known in the community, you’ll get the right fixes on the roof.  And you won't have to worry about not getting quality work or having your money disappear.  This is something you have to consider for the time being.

Always trust in professionals that you contact and not the ones that come to your door to do any of the outside or inside work that needs to be done.

Want more reasons on why you should always hire a professional instead of those that come to your door? Here is why. If you need storm damage repair, contact us here at Quarve.  We've been in this business for over 30 years.  We can be of service when the summer storms hit.  We are a full-service licensed Minnesota home remodeling and repair company.  We serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including Roseville and Arden Hills.