Have you recently had vinyl siding installed on your home?  Today's vinyl siding products are much higher in quality and more durable than when it first hit the market, but it is not invincible. With proper care, vinyl siding can be a great economical siding option for Minneapolis area homeowners.  But keeping it in the best shape and away from harm is the only way to ensure that it continues to perform for years to come. Keep Heat Away from Vinyl Siding

We are not talking about the hot summer sun that happens here in the Twin Cities but the heat from a gas or charcoal grill that is right up next to the home can melt away the siding on it. Additionally, fire pits and other forms of fire can also do the same type of damage on the side of the building.  For example, we've cringed when we've seen DIY homeowners using a blow torch on peeling exterior paint on trim or window frames right next to the siding.

Watch Out for Flying Objects Around Your Siding

Anything - identified or unidentified - hitting the side of the home can be an issue with vinyl siding, especially in the winter when it tends to be more vulnerable to impact.  An object striking the  siding (including hail) is the number one reason for cracked vinyl siding and one that can often be avoided. Obviously you can't stop hail, but encourage the kids to play baseball or other sports away from the house.  And when you're getting ready to mow, do a walk-through of the yard first and pick up rocks.   A mower deck can hurl a rock with substantial force.

High Winds Can Affect Your Siding

Believe it or not, wind can be a major factor on whether or not your vinyl siding is going to be able to stand up to the test of time. If the siding was not installed correctly to begin with, then the high winds like we sometimes get here in Minnesota are definitely going to cause a problem for it. Pay attention to any loose area in your siding and get it repaired immediately; the wind can take this and rip an entire section off.

Here are even more problems you might come across with the siding on your home.  Being aware of issues you might have and then taking care of them quickly is one of the best ways to insure that your vinyl siding will look great for years.  

Keeping your vinyl siding in the best shape possible is the goal. Being able to speak with a company that can come out and do any and all repairs needed is the best. Call us at Quarve to find out how we can come out and provide repairs or even replacements of the vinyl siding on your home. It can be worth it to have a professional take care of the issues.

Quarve is licensed home remodeling contractor serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. We specialize in seamless steel siding, but if you've got vinyl, we can help you out, too!