The earlier summer storms that we had here in Minnesota did a number on the homes throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, as well as other communities in Minnesota.

And some homes - especially those in Dakota County, but even as far north as Pine County - got hit again this week.

Not only have those storms hit many homes, ripped up trees, pulled down shingles and damaged siding but many of the homes that were caught up in it have had water leaks.  Keep in mind that leaks do not always  mean storm damage, but often they do.

So what do you do if your home continues to leak after these storms?

Water Leaks Do Not Always Mean Storm Damage

The first thing to keep in mind is that if your windows are slightly leaking, this might not generally be a cause of concern unless the water was pouring in and they’re older windows. You might want to have those windows replaced if they cannot stand a bit of hard rain blowing against them them. Newer windows still might have leaked, even if they were closed just because of the velocity of the rain coming at your home.  But unless those windows leak with every rain storm, they are probably fine.

What To Do in the Event a Storm Has Damaged Your Twin Cities Home

If the roof or side of the home is leaking, then this is probably because of the damage done to the roof or siding on your home. You need to have this repaired or replaced. When the water comes into the home, this can seep into the wood throughout the inside of the house, cause mold and mildew and rot. You do not want this to happen. You will find yourself with much bigger issues if it does. Filing a claim for the damages that the storm brought on your home with your insurance can be the first step needed to have someone come out to take a look at it and then write you a check to have it repaired. Of course, arranging for a professional Minnesota storm damage contractor to meet with your insurance adjuster is wise. (See Pat Quarve's interview on why this is important.)

Contact us to find out how we can work with your insurance adjuster.  We offer exterior storm damage repair.  We are an licensed Minnesota exterior contracting company serving the greater St. Paul and Minneapolis area. We can provide you with the help that you’re in need of after that harsh summer storm, including help with all the paperwork your insurance company sends your way.