New windows throughout a home are able to make it stand out in so many ways. However, when it comes to replacing those older windows for newer ones, which ones do you choose? Which ones are going to make your home look and function better than it currently does?

How do you choose a window that will be right for your taste, your home, and your budget?  A good place to start is to evaluate the styles available.   Awning Windows 

If you want to add ventilation throughout your home, then this would be the way to go. They are a great choice for those that want to let air flow in, while also keeping energy costs down. They are a great option for contemporary homes.

Bay and Bow Windows 

Since these extend out and are generally large, they are an ideal option for those who would like to let in more light.  They are also architecturally pleasing to the eye since they bow out and angle away from the rest of the home.  These types of windows also increase your interior decorating options, because they can give you a spot for a window seat or a display area without needing more furniture.

Casement Windows  08aug18a1a16If you want something that is going to provide light, air flow and ease of use then these would be the choice to go with. Available in many different sizes, casement windows are the style of choice for modern style homes.  They’re the most popular choice for kitchens, especially the area over a sink or counter where it might be difficult to open a double-hung.  Rather than lift up, casement windows open easily by means of a crank. Double-Hung Windows

These can open on the top or the bottom, or even both ends to provide air ventilation throughout the home. They can be easily mulled together, so you can fill up a wall with them if you chose to.

Double hung windows are the best choice for an older or historic home where you want to preserve the original style.

Picture Windows 

Picture windows are perfect for taking advantage of a terrific view. This might not be ideal if you have neighbors that you’d rather not stare at, but if you want to look into the backyard or if you have a beautiful garden on the side of your home, then these windows would be the best way to go. Picture windows do not open but are more for letting in the light.  You need to add casement or double-hung windows to either side of a picture window to get ventilation.

Specialty Windows 

If you’re thinking about being a bit creative with the way that you look out into the world from inside your home, you could always go with specialty shape windows. These are available in round, half round, oval, arch top, diamond shape, and more.

Specialty shape windows are often used for accents or in combination with standard style windows to create a custom window look.  (An example is the photo above.)  Windows that are created just for your home can make it stand out much more than it currently does.

Here are some other tips for choosing the best windows for your home.  And if you're not sure, we can help you select the perfect style.   Quarve installs replacement windows in just about every shape and style available.  And we've got a number of materials and manufacturers to choose from.  You just let us know what you’re in need of and we can provide you with the right ones for the job. Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a Minnesota licensed exterior remodeling company.  We specialize in installation of metal roofing and siding, but we also install replacement windows in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.