Here in the Minneapolis area we find that our siding customers are very concerned about how their home is going to look when its finished.  That's especially true when they're going for a different color than what they currently have.  

When you’re changing up the siding on your home and you get to choose a new color, it's best to go with something that complements your house and its surroundings. You want something that is going to make the home not only stand out but also be in harmony with what's around it.  This can be done using some simple tips to help you get there. You can have a beautiful home with the right siding, but make sure to choose the best color.

Do you live in a neighborhood that's controlled by an association?  Remember - some home associations only allow a certain set of colors, so it is important to check these rules prior to selecting a color. You want to conform to the rules that they have.  They may require prior approval of your siding color choice.  
One rule of thumb is to consider the feel that you want to evoke from anyone visiting or walking by your home. Give the house a color that brings out the best in people when they see it.  Colors can bring about feelings, and you want everyone to have great vibes and feelings when they look at the outside of your home.

Siding Color Should Reflect Your Own Personal Taste

Never neglect your own personal taste into the color scheme that you choose to go with. You want to ensure that you have the proper colors, but you also have to be the one to live inside the home, so you should love the colors that are brought about.

Coordinate Your Siding with the Color of Your Outside Foliage 

If you have outside foliage and other landscaping plants, whether deep green or brightly colored, take these colors into consideration when choosing a color for the exterior of your home. You want something that is going to blend well rather than clash with your landscaping. Here are some more tips on how to go about choosing siding colors for your home.

Time for new siding on your home?  Speak with us here at Quarve, where we can provide you with a large selection of color choices to go with for your new exterior siding. Not only can we change the colors of your siding, but we will not neglect the front door, the trim, the shutters and even the roof. We have you covered with so many options, you will not know which to go with first!

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