If you're in the market for a new entry door, you're probably aware that of all the decisions to be made, choosing the right material is one of the most fundamental.  If you've shopped around Minneapolis, you know you've got lots to choose from.  

Although there are numerous material option available today, wood, steel, and fiberglass are the 3 top choices. We'll tell you why this is and help you make an informed decision on this important purchase.

Choose Quality Exterior Door Material:  Wood Entry Doors

While the type of material used is very important when shopping for doors, it's really the quality of the material that's going to make the biggest difference. A fiberglass door made from a reputable company will last just a long a steel door. The same is true of wood doors, however they require a much higher level of maintenance to keep them in top condition. There are well-made and poorly-made doors in every material, so avoid the cheaper brands if you're looking for longevity. Let's start off by looking at wood doors. They can be divided into three categories based on construction:
  • Solid core wood doors generally have a piece of plywood or laminate on both sides backed with hardboard and are insulated with energy-efficient polyurethane in the center. With this kind of door it's not uncommon to run into weather-related problems. Even when protected from the elements, bubbling and cracking of the laminate coating are common, and depending on how thin the laminate layer is, you may not be able to sand it down to refinish it.
  • Solid wood doors are exactly that: 100% beautiful, solid wood. These are by far the most outstanding doors on the market in terms of security and quality, but also wear the highest price tag. They require annual maintenance to keep them in top condition, but you always have the option of refinishing them down the road.
  • Steel/wood hybrid doors are a new energy efficient option. They're made the same as the solid wood doors and can be finished as desired, but have steel on the exterior to protect them from the elements.
In a future post we'll be discussing fiberglass and steel doors, so check back with us soon! Quarve is a Minneapolis area licensed home improvement contractor, and replacement doors is one of our specialties! We install a wide range of fiberglass, steel, and steel/wood doors from great manufacturers such as Therma-Tru and Mastercraft. Call us today to see what a new entry door could do for your home!