In a previous post we discussed the importance of good quality when choosing materials for an exterior door and looked at the pros and cons of wood doors. In this post we'll explore steel and fiberglass doors and see what makes them such amazing options for your Minneapolis area home.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

cca-beautyshotFiberglass doors are relatively new on the scene but they're a secure, strong, and minimal maintenance door solution.

As with all doors, stay away from the most inexpensive styles if possible. Cheap fiberglass can easily crack and fall apart in cold weather while the interior may disintegrate. Good quality fiberglass, on the other hand, will last for years without concerns of chipping, mildew, or deterioration, even when left unfinished.

The best part about fiberglass doors is the quality of wood graining used, called "random depth graining." This method was originally developed by manufacturer Therma-Tru. They patented their technology and to this day they produce the most stunning wood grain in fiberglass. We highly recommend doors from this company.  Check out our Pinterest board for a peek at just a few of the Therma-Tru doors we install.

Steel Entry Doors

If searching for good quality is important for fiberglass and wood doors, it's crucial when it comes to steel doors. When choosing a steel door, pay special attention to the gauge - the higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. 

Cheaper steel doors - such as those found at home stores - are commonly made of 24 gauge steel, which is very thin. Often these doors dent easily and are quite susceptible to rust.

If you're looking for a secure, low maintenance steel door that will hold up to the fiercest weather, go with 22 gauge steel. It doesn't bend easily like 24 gauge and holds a paint job well, discouraging rust. You can even have a wood grain cut into it and finish it will a gel-stain, giving it the appearance of wood. These heavier gauge steel doros are a little more expensive, but the quality difference is vast.

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