In a recent post we shared how the best roof for a home with solar panels is a metal roof.  We specialize in installation of metal roofing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, particularly seamless steel roofing.  Even though it's been around for agricultural and industrial roofing for ages, it's a relative newcomer to the residential market.  So many people have questions about steel roofing.

Steel Roofing Basics

If you’re considering adding a steel roof to your home, it’s a good idea to learn the basics about the roofing material before you choose to make the investment. Here are answers to the most common questions that customers have about their steel roofing. Will steel roofing heat up your home?

No; in fact, the opposite is true when you add a steel roof to your house. As long as you have proper ventilation underneath your roof, the heat that accumulates on it will actually pass back out of your home and your house will stay cooler because of the roofing.

Where did steel roofing come from?

During WWII stone-coated roofing was developed and it was made from steel. This product was later sold to the general public for use on their homes.

Is it safe to walk on steel roofing?

Yes, as long as you are very cautious. Unlike asphalt shingles, steel roofing is quite smooth and if it is damp or icy you will slip more easily. Walk along battens where the roofing is connected for maximum safety.

Is it resistant to wind?

Some steel roofing is really resistant to wind and can stand up to gusts of up to 120 MPH.

Does it help with fire protection? 

Yes, steel roofing is highly resistant to fire and using it on your home can help you prevent fires from spreading.  Because of this, many homeowners' insurance companies offer a discount for homes with steel roofs.

Will the color fade over time?

Yes, but barely. And it depends on the type of finish.  The color will change minimally, and if you take the time to wash off the roofing annually, you’ll help keep that bright new color for longer periods.

Will a metal roof be too heavy for my home?

It’s unlikely that a steel roof will be too heavy for your home. On average, steel roofing is about half the weight of an asphalt shingle roof and it’s 75% lighter than slate, fiber-cement or concrete tile roofing.

Will I have to deal with rust issues?

No, not usually.  As long as the steel roofing is installed properly you shouldn’t have trouble with rust. That’s because the roofing is coated to protect against rusting.

Is it louder in the rain?

Yes and no.  While that's not a direct answer, a lot depends on the type of steel roof and what's installed under it.  Some homeowners report you’ll hear more noise during rain and storms with steel roofing than you would with many other types, but many homeowners don’t mind the extra noise.  And some report there's no difference.

Is steel roofing more expensive than other types?

Yes, steel roofing is more expensive than roofing materials like asphalt shingles initially, but its longevity will help it become a better value over time than materials that wear away more quickly. Steel roofing is considerably more affordable than some other long-lasting roofing options such as copper, slate or concrete roofing.

How long does installation take?

Usually the roofing can be installed on a home in just a few days’ time.

Steel roofing is great for any house, even tiny houses; find out why here.  For a free estimate,contact the steel roofing pros here at Quarve to find out how we can make a steel roof become a reality for your home.  We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor, and we install metal and other roofing materials here in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area.