What if you could put a siding product on your home that would last for decades?  And what if that siding was eco-friendly?

That siding product is here and available in the Minneapolis area - it's seamless steel siding.  

There are plenty of reasons to consider getting seamless steel siding and having it installed on your home. If you like the look of the product, you should consider the many different benefits that you’ll enjoy from it after it is fully installed.

Seamless Steel Siding Is Better for the Environment

A major benefit of seamless steel siding is that it is better for the environment than materials such as vinyl siding. That’s because much of the material used for the siding can be recycled when it is done being used for the project. That means that you aren’t tossing the materials into a landfill like you would be with vinyl siding products.

Seamless Steel Siding Is Highly Energy Efficient

Metal siding seems like it would hurt the energy efficiency of a house, but this simply isn’t the case. Instead, the siding can lower cooling costs by reflecting radiant heat away from the home. This makes metal siding particular useful in southern climates.  And here in Minnesota, it can reduce the effect of heat on southern exposures.

Steel Siding Can Be Installed at Any Time

With other forms of siding you’re limited to having it installed on your home to specific times of year. This isn’t the case with steel siding. It can be installed in the heart of winter, the heat of summer or any other time of the year without issue.  In fact, here at Quarve, our siding crews work year round, even in the winter.

With Steel Siding There's No Fading

With metal siding you don’t have to worry about the color fading from your home over time. That’s because overall the siding simply doesn’t fade or lose color. Instead it retains that same original look over the years. (In fact, Pat Quarve's first steel siding project  looks just about the same as when it was installed in 1983.) If you take the time to wash down the siding annually it will retain its color even better.

Seamless steel siding is custom crafted on site, and we rely on special equipment to get the job done, but when you rely on a high quality contractor to do the job, you end up with a product that you can be proud of and that will provide excellent protection for your home over time. Just make sure that you hire a qualified siding contractor that is going to know how to complete the installation properly. When put on properly, seamless steel siding is highly durable and very reliable.

Here are some other advantages to choosing steel siding for your home. We install seamless steel siding right here at Quarve, and we can provide you with everything you need to know, including a full installation when the time comes. Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, and among other services, we install seamless steel siding in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.