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There are plenty of myths floating around that keep people from getting metal roofing. Even if you live in a section of the world with serious winters like Minnesota, you can enjoy plenty of benefits from a good quality metal roof. Here are some of the most common myths around a metal roof in winter, as well as the truths. 

Snow Builds up on Top of Metal Roofing:  False

If you’ve ever heard that snow builds up on top of metal roofing and can lead to a collapse, that just isn’t true. Even here in the Minneapolis area where pretty major snow storms are common, metal roofing is a high quality options that people continue to rely on. That’s because both snow and ice slide right off the metal. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about a pile building up on your roof like you did with asphalt shingles, and ice damming isn’t an issue either.

Snow Avalanches are a Real Concern on Metal Roofing:  False

While it is common for large chunks of snow or ice to slide down off your roofing, you don’t have to live with that problem and you certainly don’t have to fear it. To reduce any risk of this happening, simply have snow guards or heating cables installed over top of your roof when you have it put on. They help break up the big buildups of snow and ice so that only small sections slide down at a time.  And keep in mind that if you have a steeply-pitched roof, this can even happen with asphalt or shake roofing.

Metal Roofing Can Increase Heating Bills: Absolutely False

It’s a common myth that your heat will seep right out of a metal roof and into the great outdoors. This isn’t the case though, and when installed properly a good quality metal roof can actually lower your heating costs throughout the winter. That’s because a metal roof as well as the supporting material underneath acts as an insulator and helps prevent heat from leaving your home.

Roofing Can’t Be Installed in the Winter:  Not True

It’s a common believe that roofing can’t go on a home during the winter in a place like Minnesota. That might be the case with shingles that suffer from shattering when it’s really cold out, but for metal roofing it’s a non-issue. The roofing can be put onto your home in the heart of winter, and it’s common for a new metal roof to be put on when it’s very cold out without any issues.  And here at Quarve, our roofing installation crews are on the job year round.  Winter roofing is actually a nice break from those hot summer jobs. Here are some other reasons why you should consider metal roofing for your Minnesota home.

Check into what we have to offer right here at Quarve and find out for yourself how sturdy and dependable metal roofing can be on your home.  We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor, and we've been installing roofing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for over 30 years.  We specialize in steel and other metal roofs.