We recently added a new category to our blog, "Roofing Siding Projects," to give our viewers a peek at just some of the exterior remodeling jobs we have done around the Twin Cities area.  In today's post we're highlighting a gorgeous Hastings home.

The owner of this home built along the river bluff overlooking the St. Croix River contacted us when his asphalt roof failed prematurely.  He was getting married, and he and his wife-to-be intend to live in this home indefinitely.  With a view like that, who wouldn't!  As a result, he wanted a roof that was going to last a very long time.  But he also wanted something that would blend in well with the wooded area surrounding the home.

Our solution?  KasselWood shake shingle steel roofing in New Cedar.   hastings home 2


Why We Recommended KasselWood Steel Roofing

We believed KasselWood shake shingle design steel roofing was the perfect choice to protect this home. The color selected was New Cedar.  The result is a long-lasting roof that has the look of real cedar shakes without any of the maintenance required.  The New Cedar color complements both the brick accents on the home and the mulched beds surrounding it as well as the trees around it. Like all KasselWood steel roofing, this roof is protected by a lifetime warranty for so long as the homeowner owns this house.  In the event he decides to sell, the warranty is transferable, and future owners are covered up to 40 years from the original installation date.  It's very reassuring for this homeowner to know he won't ever have to think about another roof.

Another benefit of steel roofs in wooded areas like this is that they are highly fire resistant.  While genuine cedar shakes might provide a nice aesthetic look in an area surrounded by trees, that type of roof can be dangerous because of the fire potential.  But that won't be an issue with this roof.  And because of the patented interlocking panels, it is extremely hail, rain and wind resistant. Storms can be a concern for homes built on river bluffs, but this roof will hold up well in the face of heavy rains and winds, and the Kynar® resin-based finish coating will hold its color without fading.

hastings1n-6One special feature we installed on this home is snow guards.  Since snow slides off a metal roof easily rather than accumulating like it would on an asphalt roof, areas where foot traffic passes at the edge of a sloping roof need to be protected from sliding snow that could cause injury.  

Often the solution is to build a dormer or gable over the entry areas, but with the design of the porch that wasn't possible.  And as you can see, the roof slopes down in the back right over the deck.  And so we installed snow guards above the front steps and in the back.

Here at Quarve we've been protecting houses like this Hastings home for over 30 years, and our specialty is metal roofing such as the KasselWood product we installed on this home.  We serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul area, and we are a licensed Minnesota exterior home remodeling company offering roofing, siding, and other services.