One of the biggest problems that any roofing will face here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro is extreme hail. hailhailhailIn fact, hail damage continues to be one of the top reasons for a homeowner's insurance claim.  There are many types of roofing that simply fail when they come in direct contact with hail. Fortunately that isn’t the case with metal roofing. In fact, when it comes to hail, it’s one of the best options that you can have on your home when hit by a hail storm.

Does Hail Cause Dents and Dings in Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing occasionally can get dents and dings when it is impacted by large chunks of hail. These minor dents and dings won’t affect the function of the roofing and you can just ignore them without fear at all. Even larger sized hail isn’t tough enough to tear through your metal roofing, unlike some other roofing materials that you could have on your home.  And the metal roofing we install from Kassel & Irons has a finish that is highly hail resistant.

Hail Decimates Asphalt Roofing

Most people believe that hail will simply bounce of asphalt shingles, or that it will just leave impressions in it. That’s simply not the case. Instead, hail tears right into asphalt shingles, creating spots for water to seep down into your roof. You’ll notice the pretty major tears across your roof after a serious hail storm, and many homeowners actually have to have the entire roof replaced after such a storm in order to protect their home.  Even minor hail storms can cause loss of roofing granules, and it's those surface granules that are vital to the integrity of your asphalt roofing.

Large Hail Destroys Tile Roofing

Tile roofing looks nice and it is pretty durable overall, but it doesn’t stand up very well against large hail. When clay roofing tiles take a direct hit from hail they will crack quite readily. That’s why it’s important to have extra tile on hand in case some of it cracks. You’ll have to replace the cracked pieces after a storm, so hopefully not too many of them took a major hit during the storm. If you live in an area such as here in Minnesota where major hail storms are common, you should consider putting metal roofing on your home. It will hold up against even large chunks of hail better than most other roofing options do. Sure you might get a few minor dents from the storm, but unless you are right up on top of your roof, you probably won’t even be able to see them on your home. That’s the benefit of a good sturdy steel roof.

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