The storm that blew through our state this past weekend is just the start of another snowy Minnesota winter.  We suspect any homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas are beginning to think about their roofs - and probably ice damming, too. Ice DamAs a company that specializes in metal roofing, we at Quarve are often asked whether or not a metal roof can help prevent the dreaded effects of ice dams.  The answer, thankfully, is "Yes," in most cases. Here are some things you should know about metal roofing versus asphalt as well as other factors involved in protecting your home from ice build-up and water damage this winter.

Ways to Prevent Ice Dams

  1. First of all, if you're planning to have a new roof installed, consider first laying down a rubber membrane moisture and ice shield along the edges of your roof. This will go a long way in guarding your home's interior from the hazards of ice damming. This sealing material can be used in conjunction with either metal or asphalt roofing, but be aware that it will not protect asphalt shingles from deterioration.  Its purpose is to provide a barrier against water infiltrating underneath the roofing, not to protect the roofing material itself.
  2. While your asphalt shingles might appear to be in good condition after a hard winter, there may be trouble brewing that you're unaware of. Sometimes all the evidence that ice damage leaves behind are small cracks between the shingles, which despite their size, will leave your roof vulnerable to water damage.
  3. The metal roofing we install, on the other hand, is constructed of tightly interlocking panels, which serves to prevent moisture from slipping in and wreaking havoc on your home.
  4. Metal roofing also has the advantages of smooth finishes and unique heat-handling qualities. Oftentimes this causes them to shed snow faster than traditional shingle roofs, which helps reduce the formation of ice dams.
  5. If you've found that your home is particularly susceptible to ice dams, try increasing the air flow in the attic. Keeping the attic at a similar temperature to the outdoors will play a large part in reducing ice dams.
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