Perhaps you've noticed Quarve's roofing crews around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area installing metal roofs.

That's because metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the top choices in the Twin Cities when homeowners are replacing their roofs.   Metal roofs from our Minnesota roofing company are popping all all around the area - from Edina to Stillwater, and even into western Wisconsin.  

There are a number of reasons to choose a metal roof, including the fact that it's the last roof you'll ever need, no matter how long you intend to stay in your home.

The truth is that a quality metal roof will outlive you, and quite possibly the next owner as well.  

Plus metal roofing stands up well to Minnesota weather.  It's highly resistant to damage from hail, and it's also very energy efficient.  And because snow and ice slide off the metal easily, a metal roof resists the formation of ice dams.

1520-asbury-st-paul-mn-13edKassel & Irons Metal Roofing Protects This St. Paul Home

The owners of this beautiful stucco home in the Falcon Heights area of St. Paul had a number of issues we addressed in conjunction with their roof replacement.

Poor ventilation in the knee wall areas meant there was moisture trapped, resulting in dampness and a musty smell.  And nearly every winter they had issues with ice dams forming.

Moisture in spaces underneath roofing is never a good thing, because it can lead to mold development, wood rot, and more.  And a one and a half-story home like this one provides some challenges because there is no attic space to work with, so vents need to be installed in other areas.  Adequate ventilation to keep the roof cool is also a big part of preventing ice dams.  

To provide good air flow we installed fascia venting behind the gutters as well as sidewall vents.  We were also able to add venting in the upper roof area.  Good ventilation under a roof is crucial to a healthy, solid home, and the changes we made should really help.

When you choose a roof color, it's important to select something that works with the other elements on your home.  The metal roofing the owners selected was KasselWood in Copper Penny. The shake profile of the roofing fits well with the traditional style of the home.  And the copper color complements the stucco and the brick chimney.

If it's time to put a new roof over your head, we'd love to talk with you about why it should be a metal roof.  We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor, and metal roofing is our specialty.