With the bitter cold we're getting, we know that some folks here in the Minneapolis area have decided it's time for a new front door to keep old Jack Frost away.  If you're in the market for a new entry door for the front of your house, we've got some things you should consider.  

Keep These Things In Mind When Choosing an Entry Door

2016-12-15_2158A new front door can mean a face lift, a new look for the home that you own, and of course, safety for you and your family. However, not just any door will do.

The type of door that you choose for the front of your home can make a huge difference. Here at Quarve, our professional exterior door replacement specialists want to ensure that you know what to look for when it comes to having a new entry door installed on your home, especially if it's the front door.

  • Consider Whether It Enhances Your Home's Appearance:  The way the home looks on the inside, and the outside will depend on how the front door looks. You want to go with something that fits with the style of the home, but also makes a statement. When someone passes the home, you want them to envision the inside by just looking at the outside. Does your door currently do this? Do you want it to?
  • Your Front Door Should Provide Security:  Security is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners search for new front doors. You might want something sturdier, something harder to get into. You can go with as many locks as you'd like, but choosing something that is harder to penetrate can also be beneficial. Steel, solid wood and other types of door materials can make a difference.  We install top-quality fiberglass and steel entry doors as well as storm doors.
  • Keep Our Climate in Mind:  The climate of the area also make a difference. You need to keep the harsh Minnesota winters outside the home. With the proper door on the home, the outside elements can stay outside. Just ask our professional Minnesota door replacement company for additional pointers on which materials they recommend for your home.
  • Go for Professional Door Installation:  The installation makes all the difference on how the door is going to perform to the outside elements. Make sure you're ready to go when the time comes knowing that you had a professional Minnesota door replacement company come out and install it for you. The brand can also matter, as well so go with something that is sturdy, strong and makes a statement of it's own.
  • Choosing Stock or Custom Crafted Doors:  Custom front doors are always an option if you're feeling a bit creative.  That way you can get exactly what you want, plus you'll have the reassurance of knowing your new front door was manufactured specifically for your home.
Speak with our Minnesota door replacement company to find out how we are able to help you with the replacement you're in need of. Protect your family, keep the outside elements outside, and enjoy the new look on the outside of your home. This can all be done when you put a new front door on your home. Call Quarve today for more information.  We are a licensed Minnesota exterior home remodeling company.