If you’ve ever been in a home with older windows during the winter, you may have noticed that the windows seem to be wet or even have ice on them. This problem is known as window condensation, and it’s not that difficult to prevent once you know what causes it.  And here in the Minneapolis area, with the Arctic-like weather we've been having, many homeowners are experiencing condensation on their windows.

As a Minnesota home remodeling company that installs replacement windows, we wanted to share with you some helpful information regarding condensation on windows during the winter.  

What is Window Condensation?

Window condensation is moisture in the air that cools down and condenses on the glass of your windows. Condensation typically happens when it is frigid outside and you have windows that aren’t very well insulated or that are loose in their openings and let in cold air.

You’ll notice water running right down your windows, and you’ll even see ice form at the edges in some instances if your home isn’t warm enough to prevent that from happening.

Swapping Windows Can Ease the Problem

If you’re sick and tired of condensation on your windows, and you don’t want to have to wipe down your windows to see out of them during the winter, the best way to solve the problem is by replacing those old windows with thicker double or triple pane windows instead. Modern energy-efficient windows make use of filler gasses and other insulating materials to help reduce heat transfer. They won’t get as cold on the inside as the single pane windows do, and that will ease your condensation issues. Yes, you can buy windows at those home remodeling stores, but windows work best when they're installed by a professional.  Work with a professional Minnesota replacement window contractor for this job.

Other Measures You Can Take to Reduce Window Condensation

Swapping out windows may not be enough to remove all the problems with condensation, especially if you run a humidifier during the winter, or you aren’t actively fighting off steam in your home. To reduce this problem further, run vent fans while cooking food and while showering. Also stop running a humidifier as often if you are using one. You could even employ a dehumidifier if the issue still isn’t going away using the other methods.

This is why attic ventilation is also a good thing to have; here is some additional information on ensuring that your attic is properly ventilated.

Nobody has to deal with condensation on their windows in the winter; you just have to be willing to make an upgrade to resolve the problem. Swap out your windows, and utilize the other methods mentioned up above to get rid of this very common issue. You can get help from replacement window experts like Quarve, to find the best windows for reducing condensation and lowering your energy bills throughout both the winter and the summer. We are a licensed Minnesota home remodeling company serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, and in addition to installing roofing and siding, we also install energy-efficient windows.  Call us today for a free estimate.