Is it time for some replacement windows for your home or your place of business? Are you busy searching for that perfect window type that combines both low maintenance and longevity? You might wonder if there a particular window style that works well in our Minneapolis climate.

If you asked most people about common window styles, the answers you'd get probably would be double-hung, casement, and sliders.   Yes, those are the more popular window types, but there is another window standard that has been around for a very long time that many often overlook.

The awning window deserves a little more consideration.  

What Is an Awning Window?

photo courtesy of Andersen Windows

An awning window is a type that is hinged at the top and swings open outward from the bottom. These are commonly confused with a casement window, which is hinged at the side and swings outward on either the left or right side.  We install awning windows from Andersen and Ply Gem, both quality replacement window companies.

What are the advantages to an awning window?  
  • Because they open from the bottom, awning windows can be installed higher up on a wall than other types of windows.  This makes them perfect for areas in your home where you'd like light and air but also privacy, like a bathroom. They are ideal for installation above a tub.  They also work well in rooms where you don't want someone outside to be able to see in, such as a room that's very close to a street or public sidewalk.  People often install them in garages for this reason as well - it keeps someone from being able to see what's in your garage.
  • Awning windows can be mounted in areas where there isn't room for a two-sash window like a double hung.  You often find awning windows installed in basements where the basement ceiling is just a couple of feet above the ground level.  A smaller size window gives you the option of putting in a window for light and/or ventilation when other window styles just won't work.
  • Unlike other window styles, awning windows can be left open in the rain, allowing air in but not the rain, because the open window functions much like an awning (hence).  You get fresh air circulation even in bad weather.
Quality awning windows usually have options like grills and art glass that allow you to customize the windows to your tastes.  And they also work well when combined with fixed windows.  For example, they are sometimes installed below picture windows to provide ventilation without interfering with the view.