Our Minnesota home improvement company is family owned, and because of that taking the best possible care of other families' homes is our top priority.  We certainly enjoy reading the online reviews and testimonials people are kind enough to post.  But it's really special when one of our customers takes the time to hand write a note to us.

We got just such a note recently, in a Christmas card we received from a couple (and their dogs) who hired us to install new siding on their home.  

We had it pinned to the bulletin board in our office for a few weeks, but we just had to share it with you, too.  We want you to know that our customer feedback comes from real people (and in this case, their dogs, too!).

Thanks, Michele and John, for trusting us to remodel the exterior of your home.  You probably can't adopt our terrific crew members, but we count it a privilege to have you among our happy Quarve family!