We have met with many homeowners around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to talk about exterior home remodeling, specifically replacement windows.   We've found that often many of them have a hard time making the decision to purchase more expensive windows with a good Energy Star® rating. That’s because they are considerably more costly, especially when outfitting your whole home with them. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase the windows, and there are plenty of good reasons that you should spend the added money. Just take the time to learn all the benefits before you make the final decision, you’ll be surprised at how many benefits there really are.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Save Energy Costs

The first and most obvious benefit should be enough for most people to make the upgrade anyway. You’ll lower your energy bills the whole time that you have the windows installed. This benefit alone will make the more expensive windows into an excellent investment that will actually pay off over time with lower costs each and every month. It is also a green solution for your home!

Feel More Comfortable Inside

Whether it’s swelteringly hot outdoors, or it’s frigid cold, windows can be a source of discomfort in those conditions. If they aren’t very efficient, they will let a lot of heat in, or that frosty cold air to flow through. You’ll tend to stay away from the windows as much as possible in those conditions, and won’t be comfortable inside. A good set of windows will give your home a more uniform feel, allowing you to enjoy your home more throughout the year. They have to be installed by an experienced Minneapolis window replacement company, though.

Lower Lighting Costs

Good windows can lower your lighting expenses without you even realizing it. Energy efficient curtains can help low quality windows perform better, but they block out sunlight. Good windows allow sunlight in while keeping out the cold as well. That means, with good windows, you won’t have to use lights as much, and you will save on lighting costs notably.

Preserve Valuables

Many of the valuables in your home wear out over time when exposed to UV radiation from sunlight. Many energy efficient windows are equipped with low-E glass, that keeps UV radiation out of the home. That means that your rugs and furniture won’t fade out as quickly and you’ll be able to keep your belongings in good shape for longer.

For all the reasons listed above, you should work with a quality company like Quarve, the experienced Minneapolis replacement window company, to obtain Energy Star® approved windows for your home. You’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make for you, and you’ll be happy that you made the decision to go with them.  We are a licensed Minnesota exterior home remodeling contractor, and we serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  We've got gorgeous Energy Star® rated windows that you'll love.  Contact us today for a free estimate.