We understand why many homeowners wouldn’t want to hire a professional siding contractor to install siding on their homes here in the Minneapolis area.  

After all, most times nearly half the cost of a siding installation is the labor itself, and the quality siding isn't inexpensive. That’s why many homeowners try to do the job themselves, but that doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons.

Before you attempt this yourself, consider that hiring a professional siding company is a good idea for your siding’s reliability, it’s just easier and because it’s the safer way to go.

Why Hire a Minnesota Siding Contractor?

Siding Professionals Know What They Are Doing: They Have Training and Experience

One of the main reasons to hire a professional siding contractor is because they can ensure that the siding installed on your home is going to last longer and protect your home more effectively. They’ve been installing siding for quite awhile and they understand how to do the job properly. That’s probably not the case for the typical homeowner.

Sure, homeowners who install siding for a living might want to do the work themselves, but everyone else should realize that professionals will likely help the siding last longer overall.  That's because siding contractors are usually trained in installation techniques by the siding manufacturer.

Save Yourself the Trouble

A siding installation will take professionals a few days to get through, and they have all the tools, equipment and experience to do the job properly the first time. You likely don’t have all the tools and equipment, and probably don’t have the experience to do the job quickly either. That means doing it yourself will take much longer than just a few days. You’ll probably spend weeks tackling the project, all the while your home is unprotected and you are losing out of precious time that you could be using for other activities.

You’ll Be Safer

Installing siding can be a dangerous task that puts you high up on ladders and has you handling dangerous tools and materials. There’s a good chance that you could get injured during the process, especially if you aren’t sure exactly what you are doing. That’s one of the main reasons that it makes sense to hire a Minnesota siding contractor to do the work. You will not have to worry about the danger in that instance.

You Won't Have Warranty Issues

Most home remodeling material warranties require that specific processes be used when they are installed.  A professional siding contractor most likely has been trained by the manufacturer in those techniques.  Minnesota law requires building contractors to guarantee their work for a certain time period, and most reputable siding contractors will add their own workmanship warranty on top of the manufacturer's material defects warranty.  You won't get all that protection if you install it yourself.

And finally, a siding contractor can help you select the right siding for your home and budget.  And chances are, that contractor can buy the siding cheaper than you can.  Contractors often get discounts from suppliers because of the amounts they purchase.   When choosing a siding type for your home here in the Minneapolis area, look at these important factors beforehand.

There are a lot of good reasons to let professionals handle your next siding installation. Not only will you be safer, but the siding will be more reliable and you’ll save a whole lot of time, and who knows, you might even save some money by having pros handle the work instead of trying to do it yourself. Contact us here at Quarve, a licensed Minnesota siding contractor that can help with all siding installation and repairs.  We work in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, and we install a variety of siding products.