One of the main reasons that Minnesota homeowners decide to go with a metal roof is because usually it can be installed over top of existing roofing. They often choose this option to save time and money on a roofing project, but there are other considerations that must be made before a homeowner can decide whether roofing over existing roofing is a viable option or not. Below is an overview of the pros and cons of installing a metal roof over something in place already. Save Materials from Landfills

Each time that roofing material is ripped off a home, all that material goes straight into a landfill to be disposed of. The issue is worse with something like asphalt shingles that can’t be recycled or reused very well. By leaving that roofing on your home and just going over the top of it, you are helping to keep the material out of the landfills for longer. Sure it will likely end up there eventually, but you’re doing the environment a service over the short term by keeping your roofing out of a landfill.

More Affordable

It takes time and costs money to remove and dispose of an old roof. If this step can be avoided it will help you get your new roofing faster, and save you some money in the process. You’ll receive a smaller quote for the roofing job, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of a new metal roof on your home.

Requires Longer Fasteners

Since the installers will be going through additional layers of roofing, it’s necessary for them to rely on longer fasteners to get the job done. These fasteners are a bit more costly and take more time to put into place. Some installations are impossible or unsafe if the distance from the top of the roofing to the roofing frame below is too far apart.

Adds Additional Weight to Roof 

When installing over a single layer of roofing, you probably don’t have to worry about the added weight of a metal roof. If you are having asphalt roofing installed over several existing layers of roof materials, that added weight could lead to problems. In fact, there are building code requirements in most locales (including the Minnesota Residential Building Code) that specify how many layers of asphalt shingles may be on a home.  It’s important to consider how many layers of roofing there is in place already, and only after figuring out the total number is it possible to consider installing over top of it.

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