Here at our Minneapolis area roofing and exterior remodeling company, we specialize in metal, both for roofs and siding.  But we realize that not everyone wants metal siding, so we offer some other siding materials as well.  Recently we talked with our owner and president, Pat Quarve, about the various siding products we can install in the Twin Cities area, both on homes and commercial properties.   

Pat Quarve:  Siding Materials We Install

Interviewer:  Can you tell us about the different siding manufacturers whose products you use? Pat:  Of course, our first recommendation is seamless steel siding, and we install our own line that we've branded as Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota.  We get the siding material from a company called Klauer, and then we extrude it on site to the size of the home. That way you get an entire wall without seams. Our metal siding comes in a number of styles, including shake. Steel shake siding what we recommend for people who like the look of cedar shake siding.  Metal siding is definitely superior to wood. It holds up well to our weather without needing any upkeep. Real wood siding needs to be repainted or restained every few years. You don't need that with steel siding.  And it doesn't fade like vinyl shakes do. Our seamless steel siding is incredibly durable and warrantied not to chip, fade, blister, or rust. Also, you don't have the maintenance that wood siding takes, and fire isn't a threat.  Nor are woodpeckers. And we've also started working with another metal siding manufacturer, Quality Edge. I started out installing metal siding in the 1980s, and the first home I ever completed still has the same siding on it. It looks just like it did when it was installed. Interviewer:  I understand that steel siding is more expensive up front to install than most other siding products, so do you offer other options for those who are concerned about price? Pat:  Yes, it is more costly initially. But one thing I want to point out is that you have to take into account more than just the cost of having it installed. Steel siding will last much longer than other siding products. During the same life span as steel siding, you might have to replace your vinyl or other siding material two or three times, so you should double or triple that cost for an accurate price comparison with steel siding.   If it is the initial cost that is important, one of the most economical and popular siding choices is still vinyl.  It's economical, and it's maintenance free. It's not as durable as steel, but for homeowners who are on a tight budget and aren't necessary concerned about the long life, we do install vinyl siding from several different manufacturers. They are quality products, but they won't hold up as well as steel.   Interviewer:  Do you install anything that might be considered in between vinyl and steel? Pat:  Fiber cement siding from James Hardie is used by a lot of homeowners. It's been aggressively marketed, and so many people are familiar with this siding. Fiber cement siding is considered eco-friendly because it's made from a combination of concrete and silica. It's very fire resistant, but one of its drawbacks is that because of the components, installers need to wear special masks, and installation is subject to OSHA regulations.   We have another siding product that has a similar durability and life expectancy to fiber cement, and that is LP® SmartSide®. This siding is manufactured from engineered wood. They take the wood fibers and particles and combine them with plastic resins plus a borate solution to make it termite and fungus resistant. In some aspects, it performs better than fiber cement, especially with resisting damage from impact.  It's less expensive both to buy and install - the installation is much simpler and doesn't require the OSHA protections.   Interviewer:  In terms of installation cost, what are the comparisons between these materials? Pat: If you're just talking about upfront installation cost, vinyl siding is the least expensive. It comes in either non-insulated or insulated, which is a few dollars more per square foot, but then you don't need insulation underneath. LP® SmartSide® is slightly more expensive than non-insulated vinyl but less than fiber cement. Steel siding is the most expensive to install, but its lifespan is much longer. If you'd like to find out which of our siding products would be best for your home, we'd love to talk with you. Our in-home consultations are free and without obligation.  We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement company, and we serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  Why n ot give us a call today to talk about what we can do for your home's exterior?