Here in the Minneapolis area, we've noticed solar panels popping up on roofs.  With the rising costs in energy plus concern about the environment, many people are taking a look at solar power for their homes.  Choosing to install solar panels is an important decision, but making sure those panels are going on the right roof is equally important.   If you’re looking into adding solar panels to your home, we hope you're also looking into what the best type of roofing to have is for your house as well. That’s because some roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, aren’t ideal for solar panel installation.

In order to have solar panels mounted, the contractor has to cut through the material and create holes that could potentially lead to leaks later on. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get solar panels, though; it just means you need the right roof.  And the best time to have that new roof installed is before those solar panels get put on.

Metal Roofing Is the Best Support for Rooftop Solar Panels Metal roofing is one of the best options that you can get for making the most of solar panels on your home. It offers two very real advantages over most other options.
  • The first is that the expected life of a metal roof far exceeds that of solar panels.  The same can't be said of asphalt roofing.  Most likely an asphalt roof will need replacement before the solar panels, meaning they have to be taken off and then re-installed, which means an unnecessary cost for you.  
  • The second is because the right type of metal roofing can actually make your solar panels more efficient. This is particularly exciting because it means that you can get more out of those panels, without spending more to increase the number that you have on your home already.
Getting the Right Finish

Getting a metal roof in the right finish makes all the difference. As an experienced metal roofing company, we can install roofing with energy-efficient finishes. These products receive these designations because they are made from incredibly reflective materials. These highly reflective products bounce back heat and solar radiation, helping solar panels to perform even more efficiently than they would on another roof type. Buying the right type of metal roofing can actually enhance your home’s solar output and make a difference on the amount of energy you can get out of the same solar panels.

At Quarve, we can help you find the right roofing material for your solar panels and help you make the most of your solar installation. We are a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, and we've installed lots of metal roofs in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  If you're considering solar panels, we'd love to talk to you about having a metal roof put on at the same time.  We work directly with solar panel companies to coordinate our installation for the best results possible.  Why not contact us today for a free estimate?