We really enjoy sharing our Minnesota metal roofing and siding projects with you.  We get a chance to showcase some of our remodeling jobs, and hopefully you'll get some inspiration for your own home.  

One of the things we love about the Twin Cities is all the beautiful old houses in neighborhoods like South Minneapolis, near the River in Stillwater, and Summit Avenue in St. Paul.  But many of those stately homes are in sore need of some exterior remodeling to restore their former beauty.  Often, all it takes is a new roof to bring new life to an old home.

That was the issue with this stucco Craftsman-style bungalow in South Minneapolis.  (The pictures shown here are what it looks like now, with its gorgeous new metal roof.)

In our initial meeting with the homeowners, we identified some issues that needed attention.  Every winter they had massive ice dam build-ups.  Often ice dams are due in part to poor ventilation under the roof and lack of sufficient insulation in the attic. Because of that, it's common for us to add more attic insulation when we put a new roof on a home that has ice dam issues.

However, this home had no access to the attic space from inside the home, so any insulation would have to be done as a part of a new roof installation.

Our Metal Roof Project Details

As part of our initial consultation with the homeowners to discuss their new roof, we talked about problems and issues.  We usually do this, as it helps us to make recommendations that best fit the needs of a particular house and owner.

With this house, ice dams were a major problem. The low-sloping valleys resulted in snow and ice building up in the winter. This happens with roofs that have a shallow pitch.

When we inspected the outside of the home, it was obvious that the overhangs were sagging and no longer straight. Some were even starting to fall off. (This is often the case with older homes.)

As a part of the roof replacement, we added insulation under the roof structure, and we also added supports for the overhangs, which straightened them out and stabilized them.

For the new roof, the owners chose was KasselWood steel roofing in Aged Cedar.  We all felt the color was a good match with the tan stucco, brick, and dark green trim.  KasselWood metal shingles like this are perfect for smaller homes where a larger 12" strip of asphalt shingles might be out of proportion.

We installed the roofing in the valleys with a one-piece construction so there would be no seams for melting snow and ice to leak into.  And because snow and ice tend to slide easily off metal roofing, they shouldn't have any problems with any build-up in the winter anymore.   Due to our installation process that allows a layer of air between the roof itself and the underlying roof decking, the roof itself should stay cool in the winter.  Between the new metal roof, the air circulation, and the added insulation, ice dams should also be a thing of the past for this home.

This project is a great example of how even a smaller house can be transformed with the right exterior remodeling.  And what's more, this stately, charming home now has years of life added to it, because this metal roof will be protecting it from Minnesota weather for decades.  As a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor specializing in metal roofing, we're pleased to share this project with you.  If your home could use the same kind of transformation, why not give us a call for a free in-home estimate?  We install metal roofing in the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.