We love taking part in the home shows every spring around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  Some of the shows - like the Minneapolis Home & Garden Expo - are huge, while others are little neighborhood events.  It's at these smaller shows that we get more of a chance to talk in-depth with homeowners about our metal roofing and siding projects.  

And that's just what happened with the owner of this charming South Minneapolis one-and-a-half story stucco home. The owner attended a neighborhood home show where Pat Quarve was doing a presentation on metal roofing.  She was definitely sold on the idea of a metal roof, and she worked with Pat to choose just the right style and color for her home.

Details of This Metal Roofing Project

The photo above shows the home after the exterior remodeling was complete.  Since the owner was planning on having the stucco re-done when we completed the roof, we also wrapped the fascia and soffits with steel.  Because of the metal, the stucco would be able to go right up to the edges of these trim areas, resulting in a cleaner, better looking appearance.

We also installed seamless steel gutters and steel downspouts.  When we were finished, the owner put in rain barrels to capture and re-use rain water.  She's definitely concerned about Minnesota's environment, and steel roofing is the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking for eco-friendly remodeling solutions.

The roofing we installed is Enhanced Slate steel roofing from Edco.  The Enhanced roofing line has a longer profile than some other roofing materials, which really makes this roof stand out.  The light grey color she selected is a nice complement for the neutral stucco, the brick-colored trim, and the brick accents.

This beautiful, maintenance-free roof is going to protect this smaller home beyond the lifetime of its owner, which should be great news for a future buyer.  And because this roof is so durable, she shouldn't have to worry about repairs or maintenance - ever.

Besides being a green roofing choice, steel and other metal roofing has many benefits for Minneapolis and St. Paul area homeowners.  Metal roofing is our specialty, and we'd love to talk with you about what it could do for your home.  Why not contact us today for a free estimate? We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor, and we've been serving the Twin Cities are with exterior remodeling for over 30 years.