If you're considering siding products for your Minneapolis area home this spring, we'd like to talk to you about LP® SmartSide® engineered siding.  

LP® siding is well-known for being a high-quality product that more and more contractors are coming to rely on. This engineered siding is a nice looking product that actually holds up well, and it’s something that Minnesota home remodeling companies like ours can comfortably recommend to their customers.

If you are looking for siding for your home, there are four reasons we've listed as to why you should consider LP® siding as your choice of covering. (There are a lot more benefits than this, but these are some of the top ones.)

LP® Siding Benefits

LP®  Offers Top-Notch Warranty Coverage

The best siding on the market always comes with a reliable warranty. After all, what good is siding if the company doesn’t stand behind it? LP® siding comes with a pretty comprehensive 5/50 warranty; included full labor and replacement costs up to the 5-year mark, as well as prorated labor and replacement help all the way out to the 50-year mark. It’s a good sign when a company confidently stands behind its products, and that’s what Louisiana-Pacific (the makers of LP® siding) does.

Straightforward Installation

Having LP® siding installed on your property is affordable compared to many other options. That’s because it’s simple to work with and can be shaped just like standard wood is. That means that most siding contractors out there have no trouble installing the siding, and you can get reasonable quotes that compare nicely to other simple types of siding on the market.

Long Lasting

LP®  SmartSide® siding is treated with a special zinc product to make it weather resistant. Because of this special treatment, the siding stands up nicely to moisture and rot, and it generally doesn’t suffer from termites or fungi like other types of siding do.  Resistance to moisture damage is definitely something Minnesota homeowners should be looking for in a siding product.

Beautiful and Versatile Siding Options

photo credit: LP® SmartSide

LP® siding comes in a variety of material types, but it always has that classic wood look. When using these products you can achieve the wood finished look that you want, and you can do it with the engineered wood product for less money.

There’s a variety of colors and styles available, making it simple to get exactly the look that best compliments your home. And the different styles can be combined.  For example, the home shown at right has both lap and board and batten siding.  

LP® siding is a high-quality product offered by Quarve, and it’s something that we can proudly stand behind. It works well on most homes in our state, and it is durable enough to last for decades before requiring replacement.

We are a licensed Minnesota siding installation contractor, and we serve the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. We install a number of different siding types.  If you'd like a free quote on getting LP® SmartSide® or other siding installed on your home, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.