Spring in Minnesota - finally!  All around the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro we see folks getting out in their yards, freshening their homes up.  Perhaps you've even started on outside spring cleaning, and as you're working around your home you wish you could give it an easy makeover.  If so, here are some things to consider.

Simple Exterior Home Improvements

Not all home improvements require a remodeling contractor or a ton of money.  Many can be done by you and without much expense.  But little touches can make a huge difference in the appearance of the outside of your home.
  • Wash your windows:  Sparkling-clean glass goes a long way to making your home look attractive.
  • Trim your hedges, shrubs, and trees:  Neatly trimmed greenery around your home adds to its appeal.  While you're at it, rake up leaves and winter lawn debris; cut the grass and edge your sidewalks.
  • Add simple landscaping touches:  Refresh the mulch in your garden beds, or add some if you haven't used it before. Mulch really adds a finishing touch to those areas, plus it will help keep the weeds down, which means less maintenance.  You can also add edging along the beds as well as bordering your walkways.
  • Put container or hanging plants around your front entry: Nothing freshens up the front of a home like colorful flowers.  You might also add planter boxes underneath your front windows - they are easy to construct.
  • Plant new flowers and shrubs: Flowering annuals will give you instant color, but add some perennials while you're at it - you'll get results year after year that way.
  • Add color with paint:  No, we're not talking about repainting your siding - these ideas are much easier.  Painting the front door in a vivid color is one of the hot trends right now.  And while you've got the paintbrush out, give your house number a makeover, and either paint your shutters a bright color or add colored shutters if you don't have them already.
  • Add hardware upgrades to your front door area:  Having a new front door installed is a great way to add value and beauty to your exterior, but if you're not ready for that kind of an expenditure yet, you can add some touches to your existing door an the areas around it:  install a kick plate, door knocker, and lever in shiny brass; add new sconces or a pendant fixture overhead
  • Wash your siding:  A power washer will do a terrific job, but unless you're experienced with using one of these devices (also called a pressure washer), we don't recommend it.  In fact, some siding should NOT be power washed - check your warranty for information.  For example, the manufacturer of LP® SmartSide does not recommend it.  Hire a pro to do this for you - most painting contractors offer this service.
These are simple, inexpensive projects you can tackle.  But if you've got a larger budget and would like to have some exterior upgrades to your home that are more substantial, we've got lots of ideas.  Many things - such as replacement windows and entry doors, maintenance-free siding, and metal roofing can transform the look of your home while increasing its value at the same time.  Why not contact us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation to talk about your needs? Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  For over 30 years we've been helping Twin Cities homeowners protect, preserve, and beautify the exterior of their homes.