Most people think of exterior home improvements here in Minnesota as warm-weather projects.  But the truth is, our installation crews work all winter.  And it's a misconception that metal roofing cannot be installed in cold weather. In fact, if you're planning on getting a new roof this year and you want metal, we recommend you consider having it installed now, for a number of reasons.

We don't generally recommend installation of asphalt roofing in the winter here in the Minneapolis area. Unless it's really mild weather, we try to avoid it. We know that sometimes emergency roofing repairs need to be made, but if you want an asphalt roof installed, we'd rather wait until spring.  Why? Asphalt shingles get brittle when it's cold, and they can crack easily.  (What does that tell you about how asphalt roofing holds up to our winters????) Plus new asphalt shingles need a stretch of weather that's above 50º to cure and seal properly. But with metal roofing, cracking due to cold is not an issue. Metal roofing also needs no sealing or curing period.  

So installation of a metal roof isn't affected by temperature.  And as you can tell from this photo, our roofing crews know how to dress for the weather! Cold, snow, or ice won't affect steel or other metal roofing, and our roofing installers have plenty of experience bundling up to work outside.

Some Reasons to Have Your New Metal Roof Installed This Winter

If you're thinking about having your asphalt or wood shake roof replaced with a steel or other metal roof this year, here are some reasons why you might want to have it done this winter.
  • Our roofing crews aren't as busy.  Because many homeowners assume a roof can't be installed in the winter, we don't get as many calls as we will once the weather begins to warm up. And our employees who might otherwise be working on asphalt roofing are available now as well.  (Our roofing crews are highly trained and experienced in both metal and asphalt roofing.)
  • There will be minimal impact on your yard and landscaping.  While we try our best to avoid any kind of disturbance to our customers' lawns and landscaping, there is some unavoidable impact. Just having people come and go through your yard can affect your lawn, even though it's temporary. But with the frozen ground and snow cover, that's not an issue.
  • Winter roofing installation will likely mean less disruption to your day-to-day life.  Chances are that you spend most of your time at home indoors during the winter, unlike during warmer seasons when you want to be out enjoying your yard. Having a roof replaced at the height of barbecue or gardening season can be an inconvenience, so getting it done now in the winter when you're not using your yard just makes sense.
We can tell you that once spring is near and the temperatures warm up, we will get really busy with calls for roofing replacement.  So why not beat the crowd now and get your new metal roof installed this winter?  Call us today for a free estimate. Quarve Contracting, dba Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, is a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul greater metro area, as well as nearby communities in western Wisconsin.