This time of year is quite busy for us, partly because we're making the rounds of the home and garden shows, talking to folks about metal roofing and siding.  We find that a lot of people who visit our booths think they already know a lot about metal roofing. Unfortunately, most of what they believe is wrong.

So how confident are you that your knowledge of metal roofing is accurate?  Check out the most common questions below, as well as the correct answers!

Q:  Is metal roofing more expensive than asphalt shingles in the long run?

A: Most people say "Yes"; WRONG!  When you look at expected life span, metal roofing is less expensive over time.  Because of the longevity of metal roofing, you would need to replace your asphalt roof several times in that same time span, including a tear-off since you can only have so many layers of roofing. And since in most cases a metal roof can be installed on top of an existing asphalt roof, no tear-off is needed.

Q: Does a metal roof look good on any type of home?

A: Were you ready to say "No"?  Then again we'd have to answer, WRONG!  Despite the efforts of the metal roofing industry to educate homeowners, many still associate metal roofs with pole barns and agricultural buildings.  But did you know that residential metal roofing is the #1 choice of architects? And because metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and designs, a metal roof looks good on ANY type of home.  In fact, unless you look closely, with many metal roofing profiles you can't distinguish it from asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or slate tiles.  When the roof is viewed from the street, many people can't tell that it's metal.

Q: How long will a metal roof last?

A: If you're basing your answer on your knowledge of asphalt roofing, you might say 20 or 30 years, knowing  it should last longer than asphalt.  The reality is that a metal roof (depending on the type) will last at least 40 years or longer.  Metal roofing has been used in Europe for a long time, and there are intact metal roofs that are 100 years old or more. By comparison, an asphalt roof will last at most 20 years in Minnesota (far less if the house isn't shaded or it has sustained hail or other damage.

Q: Does a metal roof increase a home's resale value?

A: Most people would say "No," but again, our answer is WRONG. Homeowners generally think about roof replacement as a necessary repair and maintenance item rather than a home improvement. That's true with asphalt roofing. The best that you can hope for if you replace your asphalt roof with another asphalt one is that your home will be easier to sell because the roof is newer. But you can't hope to recoup your costs.  It's different with metal roofing.  Real estate professionals without an accurate knowledge of the benefits of metal roofing might tell you otherwise, but studies have shown that a metal roof can increase your home's resale value by 5% or more. And when you factor in issues like virtually no maintenance needs, a possible reduction of 30% or more on your homeowner's insurance (mainly due to fire retardance and impact resistance), and energy savings, depending on where you live, you can expect to recover 85% or more of the installation cost.

So how did you do?  If what you thought you knew about metal roofing doesn't line up with the facts, let's talk!  Stop by and see us at one of the home shows we'll be at in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We'd like to educate you about the many benefits of metal roofing and why you should invest in one for your home here in Minnesota.