When we talk with homeowners here in the Minneapolis area who are thinking about having a metal roof installed, we are often asked how it will affect their home's resale value.  When you’re considering a new roof, the material you choose to go with makes a huge difference. There have been numerous types of roofing that have been used over the years. These roofing types range from clay tiles to asphalt shingles to metal and other materials.  The truth is, some roofing is considered an upgrade and will add to your home's value, while replacing an aging roof with a similar material is considered maintenance. That might make your home easier to sell but it won't necessarily add to the value.  

Due to a number of its characteristics, replacing your old roof with metal should add to the value of your home. Choosing metal roofing which has been used since the late 1700’s brings a lot of financial value to the home, as well as beauty, durability, and insulating factors you wouldn’t get from the other roofing choices.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Home Resale Factors:  Having a metal roof installed on your home can increase the home’s resale value by up to 6%. You will recoup almost 90% of the amount that you spent to get the metal roof installed when it comes to selling the home, with some homeowners getting even more than that back. And that doesn't even factor in savings on heating or cooling or repairs.  

Benefits and Types of Metal Roofing: There are many benefits and types of metal roofing you can get for your home. Metal roofing is great for more than just increasing the resale value of the home. You can also get much more. Our installation process provides more insulating value. Plus most homeowners find they get savings on insurance costs since metal roofing is thought to be more durable as well as weather and fire resistant.    

There are many styles of metal roofing available - profiles that resemble everything from wood shakes to slate to asphalt shingles. Your home doesn't need to look like a barn (unless of course that's what you'd like).

The Cost  of Metal Roofing: Price is one of the biggest things that homeowners think about when replacing their roofs.  Yes, a metal roof will cost more up front than asphalt. How much? The cost will vary,  depending on the size of your home, the roof pitch and configuration, the type of metal roofing chosen and the roofing contractor chosen to install in. However, the slightly higher costs of having a metal roofing put on are beneficial when you look at the longer lifespan that comes with this roofing material. It offsets the cost and makes it well worth the extra cash. And you will likely get a discount on your homeowner's insurance, so that should be factored in as well.  

Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota provides those exterior home improvement solutions that ensure your home will protected on its exterior. We want the metal roof you choose to put on your home to look its best and give you the greatest value possible.  Contact us today for a free estimate.  We'd love to talk with you about what a new steel or other metal roof can do for our home.

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