Even though the temps have been warmer lately, if you've lived here in the Twin Cities very long, you know that March can be a bear when it comes to cold and snow, so we're fairly convinced that winter isn't over yet.  But don't let that stop you from having your siding replaced right now.  

There are actually benefits that come from replacing your siding during the winter months. You might not have known it before, but the winter is actually a time when you can get the most from the siding installation, provided that you hired the right team for the job. - like our siding installers.

Why Have Your Siding Replaced in Winter?

Here are the reasons you should consider having your siding installed in the winter months.

No Worries About Landscaping: Everything around your home is frozen and covered in the Minnesota snow, so what are the installers going to ruin?  No flowers to get trampled, no grass to worry about. Not only that, but at this time of year chances are your outdoor furniture, bird baths, etc., are probably stowed away. This leaves our siding crew an open area for them to work. Of course, they might have to clear out some snow, but they've got no issue with that.  

Have a Convenient Installation Time:  Since it is the winter time, not a lot of people are lining up to have exterior work done on their homes. This is just something that doesn’t happen.  Once it gets warm our schedule is usually very full; it's much easier to arrange your job at this time of year when we're not quite so busy.  

Keep the Heat Inside: It is still cold out there, which means you don’t want to lose out because of the heat loss that might be happening from air leaks in your old siding. Don’t let this happen to you. With a quick, professional installation team, you can be sure that the siding will be installed efficiently and properly. Everyone wins and everyone stays warm.

Increase That Curb Appeal: When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, with certain things it doesn't matter what time of year it is. You want to make sure that the home you have looks nice in every season of the year. You can be sure it does, even if you have the siding replaced in winter. And just think, when the snow melts and your neighbors are out working on siding maintenance, you can be sitting back and enjoying the fresh, new look of your home (plus all the compliments you'll be getting).

One note of caution:  Vinyl siding shouldn't be installed at this time of year because of the potential for cracks.  However, many other siding products - like our seamless steel siding - can be done year round.  And we suspect our siding crew would much rather put on a few more layers of clothing than deal with the sweltering heat and humidity that summer is bound to bring.   You can even get a metal roof installed during the winter months!

Here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, you can be sure that we provide the best quality installation of siding out there. Choose a siding that works with you; speak with us about the process and schedule a time to have us come out and give you an estimate. Get that new siding installed now and be ready for spring!