With tax refunds starting to come in, we find that many Minnesota homeowners we talk to are considering investing those funds in home improvement, such as a new roof.  Of course, with metal roofing being our specialty as a roofing contractor for the Twin Cities area, that's the first thing we recommend.

But is a metal roof the right choice for you?

If you're thinking about the investment you’re going to make for any home improvement project that you’re handling, you need to find out if this is something that is worth the money you’re considering putting into it. Many people think about metal roofing and whether or not this is something that they should invest their time and money into, since the upfront cost of a metal roof is more than for asphalt shingles.  

With some common questions answered by us, you can easily decide whether or not this is the way to go for your home.  

Questions to Evaluate Whether a Metal Roof Is Right for Your Home

How Long are You Staying in Your Home?

Metal roofing does cost more than most traditional roofing methods, which means that you’re going to want to enjoy that metal roof for some time. However, keep in mind that the return on investment of a metal roof is quite good, so when you do sell, you can recoup some of the costs of putting it on the home to begin with.  Generally, if you are thinking about selling your home within the next few years and it isn't in immediate need of a new roof, you MIGHT be better off having a less expensive asphalt roof installed, or waiting altogether.  But you should also consider that if your home goes on the market in need of a roof replacement soon, buyers will want an allowance for that.  

Are You Gifting Your Home?

A lot of homeowners are choosing to gift their home to a loved one. If you are choosing to do the same, a metal roof is a nice add-on or investment to put on the home. It is definitely the way to go when it comes to giving someone you love the home.  That metal roof will not only outlive you, but most likely those you give the home to.  

Do You Have a Complicated Roof Structure?

Complicated roofs can be something that  cost more to roof and take more time to have the roofing installed.   But metal roofing in general is easier to install on a roof like that than asphalt would be.  You may find that the cost difference between metal and asphalt isn't as much as you think it will be.  

How Old is Your Home?

Older homes might have a concern for the amount of weight that is placed on the structure, especially when it comes to the foundation of the home.  If your home is older, metal roofing is an excellent choice to go with because it is lightweight and provides less of a hazard.  In fact, metal roofing is so light weight that it usually can be installed over an existing asphalt roof, which saves money because no tear-off is needed.

We've got more information to help you weigh the cost of a metal roof versus asphalt - watch for our upcoming blog post. When it comes to choosing the best roof for your home, speak with us here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota. We can provide even more information regarding the metal roofing we install and ensure that you are making the right choice for your home overall.