Here in the Minneapolis area we get often severe weather than can be hard on our homes, especially on our entry doors.  Hail, wind-drive rain, and heavy snows can take their toll on exterior doors.  But by adding another layer of protection with storm doors, you can protect those doors and do much more.

photo courtesy of Larson

Storm doors can be an excellent addition to a home for weatherproofing reasons, but when you buy the right product, they can also help to enhance the appeal of your home. If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s insulation, adding a high-quality Larson storm door could be a good step to take.

With a Larson Storm Door You'll Enjoy Boosted Energy Efficiency

Larson doors come with Low-E glass to reduce infrared and ultraviolet rays that get into your home, helping it to remain cool in the warm months. The doors come designed with a multi-seal setup that creates a reliable air barrier to help improve your home’s insulation. The door will also effectively block approximately 99% of all UV rays, helping your home remain cooler in the heat of summer.

Larson Storm Doors Have a Stylish Appearance

Larson storm doors come in different colors, textures and finishes, letting you achieve exactly the look you want. Easily match your home’s theme or architectural design with your new storm door. It’s the ideal way to enhance your house’s curb appeal and give you something to be proud of. And you can choose from a variety of door types - full or partial glass, retractable or self-storing screens, decorative glass, pet-resistant grids, and more.  There are even matching sidelights available to enhance the look of your entry area, and you can add a Larson storm door to your sliding patio door as well.

Storm Doors Offer Better Ventilation

The right Larson storm doors can enhance the ventilation in your home. There are single screen and multi-screen doors fitted with movable glass sections that create top and bottom ventilation for your home. Using a quality door will open up ventilation options that you didn’t previously have, and make it easy to keep air flowing throughout your home. And with a secure storm door protecting your entry area, you can still open up the door space to let in light and air without having to worry about home security.

Long Lasting Protection with a Larson Storm Door

Larson storm doors are designed to hold up well over the long term, which means you can keep your interior doors in better shape as well. For instance, a Larson Security storm door comes with a rugged coating known as DuraTech® that stands up capably against the wind and the rain. A Larson Full-View product comes built with a thick aluminum frame that holds up to Minnesota weather impressively.

Why hire a professional for your storm door installation? Sure, you can go into one of the big-box home improvement stores purchase a Larson storm door to install yourself.  But you can't be sure you've chosen the right door for your needs, and a door is only as effective as the quality of the installation.  When you opt to have your storm door installed by an experienced home improvement contractor who installs these doors on a regular basis, you can be confident it will be done right. A Larson storm door offers a great number of benefits to your home, and it’s easy to see why you would want to buy one for your home. At Quarve we offer a good selection of these doors, giving you the options that you need to get just what you’re looking for in your home.