Perhaps you've noticed that this last Minnesota winter is having a hard time saying good-bye to the Twin Cities.  Nasty wet slush, high winds, and plenty of snow. Not to mention those ping-pong temperatures.  Let's face it, our weather can be hard on the exterior of our homes, especially the siding.  One the spring to-do list for most homeowners here in the Minneapolis metro area is going out to check how the siding survived. And often there are repairs needed - cracked or buckled vinyl, warped wood, dented aluminum, chipped stucco - we get reports of plenty of these issues each spring.  Is there a way to eliminate all this headache for good?  Yes.

The answer to fighting Mother Nature?  Steel siding.  

Steel Siding Means No Springtime Repairs

As you compare all of the siding materials you can choose from on the market, we suggest you take a close look at steel siding, it has an advantage by far in terms of weather resistance. Not only does it provide the longevity and protection your home needs but is also beautiful and energy efficient.  One major plus is that it comes with little to no maintenance year-round.  Don't  you have better things to do with your time?

Of course they're going to want to tell you why the products they install are great, but any siding company that is really honest will admit that steel siding is a step above the rest. Steel is a perfect material that provides power and protection. Minnesota gets a rough winter with blasting winds and lots of snow, so why wouldn’t you go with the ultimate protection for your home?

Steel Siding Protects and Prevents Moisture Damage

The color coating on the steel siding we install provides a way for the system to repel moisture through its lifetime while retaining its beautiful look. The baked-on finish will not peel, blister, flake, chip or even fade, even with years and years of exposure to Minnesota weather. This is why it is never going to rust and you never have to head outside with a brush and bucket of paint to refinish it.

Steel Siding Resists Impact Damage

Steel is a thick material that is resistive to dents and other dings and bumps that might happen from weather or other issues. Steel can survive hailstorms without major damage, so small things hitting the side are not going to cause any large problems. Aluminum and vinyl siding, however, would have many holes, cracks and dents from flying debris.

Strong Winds Have No Chance Against Steel Siding

The durability that steel provides is the strongest on the market against heavy winds and other destructive weather forces. However, keep in mind that the quality of installation counts here. It is important to have it properly installed to provide the proper protection against these harsh storms. And since the steel siding we install is seamless, there are no gaps for that wind to get underneath the siding to dislodge it or cause draft in your home.

Slow Down Those Fires - Steel Siding Won't Go Up in Flames

Steel is a non melting, non combustable material, making it ideal to slow those fires down. This protects your home much more than some of the other siding materials on the market that might allow the fire to get through and spread.

Steel makes an excellent weatherproof layer for Minnesota homes.  We also install steel roofing - the combination gives you a total protective envelope for your home.  Here are some reasons why steel roofing is great for Minnesota homes.

When you’re ready to choose steel siding for your home, allow Quarve, the steel siding installation company for Minnesota, to install the quality siding you need. Protect your home for years to come with this type of siding. We provide roofing and siding services in the entire Twin Cities metro, including the communities in zip codes 55416 (St. Louis Park, Edina, Golden Valley), 55431, 55425 (Bloomington), 55344 (Eden Prairie).