Spring has come to the Minneapolis area - time to make sure you're getting plenty of sunshine in your home.  If that means new energy-efficient replacement windows at your house, why not consider adding a window style that maximizes the light coming into your home.

A bay window is one of the best window styles for that purpose.  Shown here is a gorgeous model from one of our favorite window supplier, Ply Gem.  

Photo by Ply Gem - Discover bedroom design ideas

Many homeowners today decide that adding a bay window or two to their home is a good idea. Bay windows are stylish, they add space and they look really nice in the right settings. Unfortunately they can also be expensive, and it’s important to only add these windows in when the benefits are worth the expense to you. For many people deciding whether or not to add bay windows is a tough decision, but it’s an important consideration that each individual has to make for himself. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and downsides to a bay window to help you make that determination. The Benefits of a Bay Window

Bay windows offer a long list of benefits, some very important to homeowners. One of the biggest is the added space that they provide. They jut outdoors and give you an area to place plants, to hold books or do just about anything else. If you are in need of added storage space in a room, a bay window could be a good addition.

Bay windows really open up a space and they look nice as well. These windows are often larger in size than traditional windows, meaning they give you a better view outdoors and they let more light into the room.  Because of those qualities, a bay window can make a room look much larger.

You won’t have a need for artificial lights in your home during the day either, so you might cut down on lighting costs as a result.

The Downsides of Bay Windows

Even though bay windows have a lot to offer, there are some downsides to having them put into your home as well. Here’s an overview of the negatives of bay windows. Bay windows are more costly than traditional windows and they must be installed properly or they can develop problems over time. They also take longer to put in than a traditional window, meaning that you’ll have to be patient while waiting for the professional to do the work.

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As long as you’re okay with paying a little bit more money to get something other than an ordinary window, and you seek out trained professionals like us at Quarve to help you get the right window and take care of the final installation, you’ll love the bay windows that you have put in your home. They come with numerous benefits, and there really aren’t that many downsides to having them. Contact us to find out how our Minneapolis replacement window installation company can help.