While we specialize in steel siding, we know that some homeowners we deal with here in the Minneapolis metro area are leaning toward another type of siding.  We do offer a number of other options, and in today's post we wanted to compare two very popular siding products, LP® SmartSide® and James Hardie fiber cement. The Benefits of Using Fiber Cement (Composite) or Engineered Wood Siding

At Quarve we offer fiber cement (sometimes called composite) siding from Hardie and engineered wood siding from LP®. Our number one recommendation for homeowners looking to replace their siding is metal, but we realize some people would prefer another material.  Both of these products are high quality siding materials. While some homeowners are skeptical of these man-made siding products, there are quite a few reasons that it makes sense to use one of these materials over something that's perceived to be more natural, or a siding like vinyl that’s been around even longer.

Either of these siding materials will give you a look of traditional wood siding with some good advantages over time, one of which is that they will hold up well over time and won't require much in terms of maintenance.  Below is a more in-depth breakdown of these siding products.

Low Maintenance

Both LP siding and  prefinished Hardie siding products are designed with a weather-resistant top coat that keeps away moisture and other problems. This layer doesn’t wear out quickly, and doesn’t require much work to maintain its good looks and protective finish either. If you don’t want to deal with sanding, painting and scraping your siding every couple years, either of these siding materials would be a good investment. You'll have to clean it periodically, but you'll have nothing like the upkeep required with genuine wood siding.

Classic Look

Both siding products have a classic look that’s very similar to the wood siding that was once used on homes around the United States. Wood siding has a charming appeal to it, but it’s so much work that most people simply don’t want to deal with it any longer. You can get the same look with fiber cement or engineered siding, without all the work.


Engineered siding products like Hardie fiber cement and LP siding are built to last. They are thicker than vinyl, more resistant to sunlight and moisture, and they typically have a longer warranty as well. These siding materials hold up well over time and offer reliable protection to a house so that you don’t have to worry about them failing in a short time.

Each of the above benefits is a strong reason to consider going with engineered wood or a fiber cement siding product. At Quarve we offer both types of products and would be happy to help you decide on the very best for your needs. We are a licensed Minnesota siding contractor serving the entire Twin Cities metro area, and we install a variety of siding products.