Spring has sprung, and with it comes storms. Storm damage is very common this time of year. Your home may already be stressed by the harsh weather we had with the extended winter.  And those legendary Minnesota springtime hail and heavy rainstorms are likely to follow.  Storm damage to your home usually means repair or replacement.

Whether your roof or siding has been damaged by hail or has simply seen better days, the cost of replacement is a concern. While shopping around for contractors, you may find yourself wondering if you really need that permit to get the job done.

When Remodeling Your Home, Permits Are Your Protection

You might wonder as you're looking at the costs of a roof or siding replacement (or an other type of remodeling that involves a permit) whether that extra cost is really necessary. And is it worth it?  What are you really paying for?

First off, there are some remodeling and repair jobs that can be done without a building permit.  Do you need one?  The easiest way to find out is to contact your local jurisdiction.  If you're within a city, it's usually a building, planning and development, or zoning department. If you're outside the city, check with the county office. A simple phone call to describe your project should get you the answer.

But if you're hiring a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, they should know the answer. 

The biggest idea behind permits is to ensure work on a building is done to a basic standard of quality. The theory is that if work done meets the bare minimum of safety standards and building code requirements, those who inhabit the structure as well as anyone in the surrounding area will be safe from the hazards of poor construction.

Different jurisdictions require different types of permits, but not following the rules could result in quite a few potentially expensive problems. The best known consequence of not pulling permits for work is a fine. Worse case scenario?  You'll be forced to tear the work out and have it redone. It may be headache enough to figure the installation and hiring process out in the first place, but redoing the work is even worse.

Or if you manage to fly under the radar, you might get hit when it comes time to sell your home if the work isn't up to code or hasn't been inspected.  If you’re trying to reduce costs for your project because you’re selling your house, not having proper permits could result in problems in the sale. Some areas require permit history before the house can be sold, and whether you did the work yourself or hired a contractor who didn’t pull the proper permit, you’ll pay again in frustration and lost funds.

Speaking of contractors, the fact they resist pulling permits (or have you do it), that should be a red flag. Licensed and reputable contractors will do everything they can to do the job right the first time, which includes getting proper permits.

That’s why it’s so vital to make sure whether permits are required before the project even starts. The cost is usually dependent on the value of the finished project, but they’re always worth the extra expense up front.

For questions about how we handle permits, give us a call. As a licensed Minneapolis area exterior remodeling and home improvement contractor, we’re dedicated to providing the best service possible. And that includes pulling all the necessary permits.