If you’re thinking about replacing those older windows this year, then you might be thinking about all the benefits that might come with them. Replacing the windows in your home here in the Minneapolis area is a smart decision. You can add to the beauty of your home, the functionality and also the ambiance, but that's not all.  This investment also helps with the heating and cooling bills. Here are some financial benefits to replacing the windows in your house.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Loss of Heat

If you keep the heat that is supposed to be in your home and not leaking outside, then you’re going to pay less for the cost of running your furnace. The same is true for the cool air in your home. You will pay less in electricity because the system is not constantly running.

Better Coating

If the windows throughout your home are older, they may lack a reflective coating.  This coating is important for energy efficiency, because it can cut down on the infiltration of both heat and UV rays.  UV rays can cause breakdown and fading of wood and fibers, meaning your furniture, drapes, and carpeting will pay the price.  And that extra heat from the sun getting in means you're paying more for cooling.

More Window Panes

Older windows were made with only a single pane of glass, while double-paned is the new standard.  That space in between the panes is either air or gas-filled, providing insulation.  Single paned glass does a poor job at insulating. Remember putting your hand on an old window in the winter and feeling the cold?  That was an indicator that the window was doing a poor job of keeping the winter chill out (and it wouldn't keep the summer heat out, either.)  Newer double-pane windows are a major step up in cutting down on heating and cooling loss.  And for parts of your home that get extreme temperature onslaughts (like north-facing windows in the winter and south-facing windows in the summer), triple-pane glass might be appropriate to save even more.

Water Damage

Water coming in the home from broken windows in the home can cause further problems, like rotting wood or even damage inside your walls. You shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money to repair this damage. With newer windows, you don’t have to worry about condensation or water leaking into the home.

Some local areas offer rebates or tax credits when you make your home more energy-efficient as well.  Check with your tax professional to see what financial benefits might be available for you if you replace those old windows.

When you’re ready to replace the windows throughout your home, speak with us here at Quarve. We are a licensed replacement window contractor in Minnesota.